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Pebz3443d ago

Looks great, Deadpool was awesome in the first game.

Christopher3443d ago

at least it's the original Deadpool and not the Wolverine movie Deadpool, no ill intent meant towards Ryan Reynolds.

Raoh3443d ago

Deadpool is currently my favorite character. i've just read about 60 issues from his series, 9 issues from his new series, circle chase, sins of the past, taskmaster, getting into cable & deadpool and looking up deadpool appearances.

i've been reading them on my iphone on the train going to work and people have looked at me like i'm crazy as i burst out laughing out loud sometimes.

Raoh3442d ago

and he was funny.. not many of the characters had good one liners...

moon knight was also a great character in marvel ultimate alliance

i felt a little cheated when i bought the heroes and villains pack cause i went back to the original characters anyway.

torch was also an easy character to blow through the game with...

those were my main 3 characters adding a flyer in the mix to round out the fourth member

khellendros13443d ago

Am I the only one that likes Deadpool far more than Wolverine? In the first game I almost always had him on my team, along with Thor. I'm really looking forward to this game.

Christopher3443d ago

You are not the only one. All of my teams had Deadpool on it. Not only is he a great comic book character, he was very useful in the game in both in ranged and melee combat.

Xbots play games3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

First game was a complete F-ing BLAST (IMO best super hero game of all time)..If they made zero changes..I still would have run to Gamestop..but this footage is crazy..looks like they really are leap frogging the series..can't wait..just keep those incredible cut scenes and I'm hooked