Battlefield 1943 Gets an Actual Release Date - Consoles and PC

Battlefield 1943 gets officially dated. The PC version is still coming out three months later but it's nice to get a firm date instead of just a target month.


This should have been posted as a rumor. It has been updated to reflect comments from the developer.

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sak5003465d ago

Oh so you did not buy Pacman, galaga, wipeout HD ? Maybe you're born in recent times and have not played games like 1942/DC etc so no worries you go and play the latest iteration of MGS or Bionic commando oh wait, aren't those games have even older variations?

lindquist3465d ago

What is that supposed to mean?

evrfighter3465d ago

alright! infinite ammo, regenerating health, 40 man servers...

wait a minute.

I like where battlefield has gone. A cod4 clone. The only good news would be if they kept 64 man servers goin.

TheIneffableBob3465d ago

They said the PC version will have options to remove infinite ammo, regenerating health, and will have larger servers. Basically, they're spending the extra time to "deconsolify" the game to appeal to the more hardcore PC audience.

PinkUni3465d ago

thats why its so popular

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ambientFLIER3465d ago

Duh, it means that you need a transfer cable to play this thing in the dark.