PALGN: Demigod Review

PALGN writes: " Strategy games have always had a pretty broad range of styles in terms of how you control armies and manage economies. From frenetic and brutal combat with heroes, units and giant buildings in the style of WarCraft III, to commanding an obscene amount of units on screen all the while launching a good five to six nukes at once in the largely crazy Supreme Commander, there's a good amount of diversity in the genre. You've got your deep games, your simplistic games, your really, really deep games, and so many more. But what about an RTS that focuses solely on just one unit?

In comes Demigod, Gas Powered Game's latest creation and brand new IP. Focusing solely on the control of one unit, the entire point of the game is to annihilate other Demigods with your Demigod so you stop being a Demigod and ultimately become a god. Sure, we made it sound kind of confusing but it's quite a simple premise."

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