Age of Conan Turns One Year Young writes: "Age of Conan has officially turned one year old. The MMO, set in the land of Hyboria, has shipped more than 1.2 million units worldwide. No official word on subscriber numbers, though Funcom does state 'activity levels have risen significantly'.

In celebration of the mileston, Funcom has announced it will give all players free fireworks this week. Also, active players with accounts older than six months will receive an..."

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neogeo3466d ago

i love hoe mmo games stay around a long time, makes it really worth it. heck i dont even rent games 3 days.

any feed back on this gane?

larrym3466d ago

Yeah, the game is worth checking out. A lot of stuff has improved, and they are still working on new stuff. Just make sure you have a pretty powerful computer to take advantage of the graphics.

hakis863466d ago

People slaughtered the game too early - mostly because it was too unfinished, which of course is a bad thing. Too bad many gamers won't go back and try it again(?).

I WILL BUY IT as soon as my new PC is ready, The game looks really cool and has awsome graphics. Kudos to Funcom for hanging in there! They're making money on the game now, things have finally turned around =)

Perjoss3466d ago

Whoever was in charge of the launch should have known better, a bad launch for an mmo is the worst possible thing that can happen, most people just feel screwed over and wont go back if the game is in a bad state at launch.

Tony P3466d ago

Yeah, the criticism and desertion was totally deserved at first. Probably could have been considered false advertising even since even box features weren't in the game. I know I would have been angry, and I know a few gamers who were quite annoyed.

But games change, especially MMOs. So good on them sticking with it and fighting for success.

DirtyLary3466d ago

AOC will probably out last WH