AppSmile Review: iFighter

AppSmile writes: "iFighter features three control options, some of which have become a point of contention among gamers. Your plane maneuvers via swipe, joypad, or motion (accelerometer-based) controls. Sensitivity and calibration options are available to tweak motion controls to your satisfaction. While joypad controls are fairly consistent, swipe controls leave something to be desired. A quick swipe often sends the plane much farther across the screen than one might expect. It can be difficult to line up your auto-firing plane with oncoming enemies, resulting in a frustrating experience. Our fingers also prevented us from seeing enemies coming at us from behind. FAIL! Fortunately, the motion controls (our preferred method of control) are well-implemented. The plane scrolls smoothly and at a pace that allows precision aiming and quick avoidance of incoming unfriendly fire."

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