AppSmile Review: Power Toppler

AppSmile writes: "Silver Software's Power Toppler was recently introduced to the app store. You may know this game as a remake of Tower Toppler or Nebulus. No matter what you call it, the game is devilishly fun.

Sixteen circular towers await your robot, who looks like something out of the movie Batteries Not Included (shameless 1980's reference). Your goal is to ascend to a door at the top of each tower through the use of a series of platforms, steps, elevators, and, of course, more doors. Broken tiles and floating enemy orbs attempt to deter your robot by sending him tumbling down onto lower platforms or into the pool at the base of the tower. Oh, and you are also timed, as well. It's frustrating when you FINALLY get to the top of the tower only to be met with zeroes on the clock before you reach the door. Believe us!"

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