GTA 4: Higher visual quality with Downsampling

To receive smoother edges and sharper graphics in GTA 4 you can apparently use the down sampling technique. The game looks much better if the hardware is able to deal with the increased calculating time.

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Socomer 19793439d ago

Im playing gta4 on my ps3 for some trophies and im stuck at the lawyers interview/assasination and i cant get in because i dont have smart shoes? wtf? I had no problem before but now even though im buying shoes at persues in aloquin I cant get the interview.
ive tried all the shoes wtf just happened?

It be cool if the mods for gta4 made its way to the ps3 version. i know its possible just like unreal tournament 3 mods. Im guessing real soon.

table3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

It might be nothing to do with the shoes. Perhaps you have that outfit the sort of looks like a suit but it isn't. just go for a traditional suit, black trousers, white shirt with black tie and a black jacket. nothing too fancy.

RealityCheck3439d ago

I can think of 50 million reasons why it won't happen...

ambientFLIER3439d ago

Perhaps it's because you're a troll?

shazui1233439d ago

does anyone know the benefits of this, performance wise, in comparison to AA? would this be costly (graphics card wise) to do?
I mean, this isnt 'free AA'- (no hit on performance) is it

Ju3439d ago

This approach just "abuses" the monitor to do the AA. That's all. AA is usually implemented through a "multisample" of a pixel. That means one pixel contains information of its neighbor pixels and thus the final one is a result of a combination of those (simply speaking).

So what "downsampling" in that case does, you feed in a raw higher resolution your monitor can't physically handle and let the internal scaler "downsample" to the physical resolution. Basically this "post processing" is done by the montior, not the graphics card. I don't really think, that this is anything better then 2xAA, if at all, but heck, that's why I like 1080 on my 768 monitor - it actually downsamples 1080 to 768, while native 720 is actually lower then the monitors physical pixel for pixel resolution of 1366x768 (1280x720).

Highres no AA usually is faster then low res with AA (not sure if 2x, depends on the gfx board and the memory on it), so this might work in some cases.

Vip3r3439d ago

It looks kinda fuzzy.

Socomer 19793439d ago

i dont think so. they brought it up to HD level but cmon its gta. it was never about graphics. playing gta today, im surprised that it does look really good but it looks even better when you take a stillshot picture of it, go figure.

thewhoopimen3439d ago

Isn't this what they did for the ps3 version of GTAIV? I remember som analysis saying that the textures were slightly downsampled, but the output was alot cleaner as a result.