inFamous - New gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published a new gameplay video from inFamous.

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I_am_rushin3444d ago

lol the guy at 5:58 looks kind of like Alex Mercer from Prototype.

SevWolf3444d ago

@ ghost, yeh ure right...the music is f*cking beautiful, I know it was a big deal...with all the interviews and the Qore special on PSN, but it really set the mood, eventhought the guy who is playing completely sucks, I never got bored of the music, definitely OST buy for me, I mean i love the way the guitar tune just startes playing as soon as the rocjet launcher gang member just out of cover at the end of teh bridge after Cole cleared it, F*cking epic music

Incognegro3444d ago

yeeeaaa.... lol I coulda sworn that was a violin

3443d ago
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lloyd_wonder3444d ago

Nice vid. inFamous looks great!

Nambassa3444d ago

when i first saw this game i though meh.... then i saw some gameplay and i thought it looked average at best and i was like why do so many people think this looks so good. its terrible graphics, looks boring and repetitive and seems to have a rubbish storyline. but then a m8 gave me his account so i could download the demo, and i gotta say!! WTF?!?! I WAS SUCH AN IDIOT!! this game is mindblowing and the gameplay is top notch. i've played the demo about 1000 times even though my exams start in 2 days. lol preordered this game and i cannot WAIT for it to arrive!! i'm obsessed with exploring the city and killing all the reapers. and travelling around the city on the rails and wires is gr8 fun. and finding all the blast shards! im defo gonna get the platinum for this! lmao
(btw sorry for the rambling but i had to get this off my chest) LOL

OhReginald3444d ago

..what if I wanted to create a melee character in the game? that mission would be impossible for a character like that.

mintaro3444d ago

I'm pretty sure you can't create characters, your pretty much stuck with lighting.

-EvoAnubis-3444d ago

There's no character creation in this game.

CaseyRyback_CPO3444d ago

watch the ps3 blog videos, they interview. I think theres 24 melee moves.

freeman293444d ago

This game looks insane :).