Binge Gamer Villain Hall of Fame - Dr. Robotnik

Binge Gamer writes: The Binge Gamer Villain Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring the baddest mother fuckers in the gaming universe. We take a look at each villain's history and accomplishments, ultimately deciding whether they're worthy of such a prestigious award, or whether they're nothing more than an epic failure.

Really, if you've never fought Dr. Robotnik, then you've never played a Sonic game. Shame on you.

Still, I'm sure most of you are more than familiar with the egg-shaped super scientist who is basically the Sega version of Mega Man's Dr. Wily.

Let's compare, shall we?

* Evil, maniacal laughter - Check
* Fascination with chaos and destruction - Check
* Trademark mad scientist accent - Check
* Limitless knowledge of robots, science, and technology - Check
* Obscenely large moustache - Double check

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