Why MGS5 Shouldn't Be Announced Yet

From the Site...The Internet communities have been on a roller-coaster ride for about 2 weeks now due to Kojima Productions teaser site for their next project.

When the teaser site emerged, fans went crazy and started to speculate what could be the (Next) project by Kojima Productions and the strongest speculation remains to be "Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the Xbox 360" & "Metal Gear Solid 5 Announcement".

But This Isn't The Right Time To Announce MGS5.

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Saint Sony3466d ago

Bull"#%! It's not about MGS5 anyhow...and even if they announce it now it does not mean it comes out the next day. Another useless blog.

"a Halo game is released almost twice every year".. FAIL, but keep on dreaming, I know you love Halo and wish it was true.

JeffGUNZ3466d ago

It's suppose to be a NEW project, not MGS5, that's just a new game, not a NEW PROJECT. I doubt it's MGS related at all. They are not going to have another MGS game ready in 1 year, if they do, then it will not be as good as MGS4. Give people disagrees for when you REALLY disagree, then comment about WHY you disagree. I gave you that agree because you deserve it. The people on this site are a joke.

SL1M DADDY3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

'Cause I don't love Halo and it is quite possible that the author of the blog does not as well. His thoughts on the blog being [email protected]%*! are right on though.

Mainman3466d ago

I think its MGS5, Kojima practicly confirmed it at GDC.

JoySticksFTW3465d ago


It can't get here soon enough

InFAMOUS13465d ago

MGS5... MGS4 was announced at E3 2005, and released 3 years later. Why can't they do it with MGS5????? Everyone is talking new IP, but with Solid Snake out of the picture, it is pretty much a new IP. I would love to see MGS5 released in 2011. I think that would give the master plenty of time to release his new vision for the MG franchise.

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-Mezzo-3466d ago

Now or later i am dying to play another MGS game, who gives a crap about uniqueness

kingOVsticks3466d ago

Kooojiiimaaa? It isn't metal gear unless its unique to other games. Otherwise it'll be just another shooter(which we all need 10 times a year).

Steve0073466d ago

Exactly what i mean to say, Kojima=Unique titles but even he cannot produce a quality product just in a year or 18 months.

Rhezin3466d ago

haha go check out IGN's comments, the people on there are BY far THE most retarded. They should be beaten several times with a metal gauntlet for the kind of stupidity they post on that site. I agree though I ALWAYS post my reason for disagreeing.

JeffGUNZ3466d ago

Yeah same here, that's why that button is there. It's a shame though, you post your reason for a disagree and then by the time you know it, you're at 1 bubble. It's a joke. This site is run by like 50 fanboys from both sides ruining it for everyone. I voted bubbles for you kind sir.

Nelson M3466d ago

And here's my reason
Your A BoT
You too Gunz

JeffGUNZ3466d ago

Nelson, I am still waiting for you to complete one full sentence. You know, with a subject and predicate. Well, maybe you don't since you started a sentence with "And", and you used "Your" when it's suppose to be "you're".

-Mezzo-3466d ago

Making another MGS within one would sure be a bad idea like every sports sim by EA is. i am sure either it's a totally new ip or MGS 4 on 360.

I don't know why are you calling the site a fanboy he never stated a single sided perspective.

JeffGUNZ3466d ago

If you're referring to my comment, I mean in general, not the site where the article originated from, to clarify.

Steve0073466d ago

Why do people disagree without any reason. i just don't get it.

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