GT by CITROËN will apear at Nurburgring

The article originally in German translated to English via Google (but verbally corrected here) reveals ~

The GT by CITROËN is the world's first sports car, exclusively for a racing simulation game (GT5P) was designed, developed, and later made into a real 1:1 car model.

Sony Computer Entertainment Germany, Citroen and Polyphony Digital Inc. bring the CITROËN GT concept car for the first time to Germany's 24-hour classic Nurburgring race at The North Loop. CITROËN'S GT concept car is the "perfect combination of aerodynamics and elegance" and racing fans will have the first opportunity to see it live and close-up in the historic GT paddock.

The public will also officially have the ability to drive on the Nurburgring's North Loop in either the GT by CITROËN or any of the 70 cars within a demo of GT5P, available for play at the "GT Area" of Sony PlayStation's paddock on their mobile PlayStation Trailer Truck.

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