Which console would be the first to go?

Just before the recession was officially announced, many thought that the games industry was recession proof. Not a great deal has changed since then, sales have remained high, consoles are being sold in there millions and the Wii is still out of stock. As the recession progresses, what will be the first platform to go?

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Parapraxis3441d ago

Lol...well, that's an interesting little hypothesis right there.
Not the smartest one, more amusing than anything.

*waits for a vengeful Sidar to point out how wrong this author must be (hypothetically of course)*

Last Likely Lad3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

lol yes where are you Wii fanboys?

ChickeyCantor3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

=D I have a fan! =D

Come here ill give you a hug...

Now off you go, go have that console war =D

theKiller3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

if MS dont release some AAA exclusives this year then it will be the 360 then Wii!!!

however even if 360 will have some AAA exclusives i still think it will go out first, the Wii is being supported by the casuals and the causal market is the biggest, so i doubt it will die before 360, while 360 is still alive till this day because of the price advantage it has and the high price of ps3!!!

every body wants a PS3 now, but they r just holding because of the price! i Wonder what will happened if the price is 299 this summer??? however i think Sony will make the price cut in Fall because of many reasons! but if the slim PS3 rumors is true then they will cut the prices of the big PS3 and keep the slim at 399$ and at fall(when the current ps3 stock finished) they will cut the slim one to 299$!! at that time u could say bye bye to 360!

DeadlyYoshimitsu3441d ago

I think Microsoft will have something up their sleeve for E3, no im not going to say Alan Wake :P

jib3441d ago

TheKiller: "if MS dont release some AAA exclusives this year then it will be the 360...however even if 360 will have some AAA exclusives i still think it will go out first"

bummer. the 360 just can't win.

ceedubya93441d ago

Everyone likes exclusives and all, but they probably aren't as important to your average gamer that plays only certain types of games (family games, party games, sports games).

There are certain people that buy a console JUST to play EA sports franchises (sad but true. and they are missing out on all that the PS3/360/Wii have to offer). We may bicker back on forth on the internet in message boards and blogs about who has the most BLOCKBUSTER AAA++++ EXCLUSIVES, but in the grand scheme of things, the general public doesn't care all that much like we may.

joydestroy3441d ago

lol c'mon. is this really necessary?

3441d ago
Anon19743441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I really can't see any of them going.
Nintendo could afford to lose the Wii as the DS is really what butters their bread - but there's no reason to whatsoever. Even with consumer spending having slowed their product is still flying off the shelves, and it isn't even the cheapest console available. Nintendo wouldn't let that go just as the console appears to be peaking.

The PS3 was never meant to do PS2 type numbers. It's always been meant as the hi-def crown of people's home theater systems but as the more expensive console it seems to be the one taking a bit of a sales hit as consumer spending slows. However, PS2 revenue is still but falling and Sony needs the PS3 to eventually replace that revenue stream. The PS3 has so far proven it's ability to more than carry it's own in terms of hardware and software sales even in the face of the current recession - SCE needs the PS3 long term and I imagine they'd be more than willing to stick it out. If it continues to sell steady as it has been we're only a couple years away from 50 million consoles out there. Sony would stick it out.

Now Microsoft is still the new kid on the block in terms of making consoles and so far they've only ever had one profitable fiscal year for MS Entertainment. Even with a surge in sales since their price cut MS Entertainment has reversed profits from a year ago and finds itself back in the red. 2007 and 2008 had showed no sales growth overall in their core territory according to NPD data. How much stomach do Microsoft and their shareholders have for a division that hasn't been profitable in over a decade? XBL fees certainly create a fair amount of stable revenue, but would it be enough for Microsoft to continue to stick it out with their 4 year old console if push came to shove? We know Microsoft isn't afraid to pull the plug on something they've invested millions in if it's not profitable.

Really, I don't think any of the 3 are in any danger, but it is an interesting question.

gamesmaster3441d ago

this is ludicrous, i don't think we'll see any of them go..

Shadow Flare3441d ago

PS3 has the longest legs. When i think of 360 and wii's future, i think of tumble weed, the occasional church bell, and a dog slowly walking into view and collapsing dead

ukilnme3441d ago

Haruhi Suzumiya

Take your crap to the open zone where it belongs with all the other fanboy nonsense.

50CALheadshot3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

REAl next gen exclusives+bluray+multimedia+r eliabilty+pricecut=


godofthunder103441d ago

here goes the ps3 fanboys again.They are claiming that the 360 will be the 1st to go when it sold more units then the ps3.They act like the 360 doesn't have any exclusives this year.The 360 have

1-mass effect 2
2-alan wake
4-Project Forza 3
5-Lionhead Project Dimitri (Confirmed that Lionhead will release a game in 2009)
6- Fallout 3 DLC (Confirmed it’s the same size as Oblivion expansions
7- All Points Bulletin
8-ninja blade
9-99 nights 2
10-Halo 3: Recon

and they have more that i can't think of right now.You could also bet that microsoft will announce some more to.I'm tired of fanboys claiming that exclusive downloadable content isn't a big deal.The facts prove otherwise.people can't wait till downloadable contents for a games to come out.The fact is that downloadable content is the future,hell microsoft is making a killing off of them and sony isn't doing bad either. They also have some games that they said will have a good chance to come out this year.They have

1-Age of Conan Xbox 360 version (Confirmed, release date may be early 2010)
2- Too Human 2
3- Silicon Knights Project 1 (Announced that SK has at least 2 more Projects beside the Too Human series in development)
4- Knights of the old Republic MMO
5- Square Enix Project 1 (Rumored that Square Enix has one more unnanounced project for the Xbox 360)
6- Mistwalker Project 2 (Probably early 2010, but we might get lucky).
8-White Gold
9-Dead Island

Like i said before it's just ps3 fanboys bias attiatude that claim the 360 will be the 1st .I just don't see how.The 360 is still selling at a good pace.beside that more people buy software for the 360 then the other 2 systems.The fact is that the 360 is making a profit for microsoft right now even after the money the RROD cost them.The reason the 360 is making profit is because of software sells.I'm including game discs and downloadable content.

The ps3 isn't going any where either.Sony knows that the days of a system dominating is over because they have 2 good hardcore systems out.Sony will stick with the ps3 till the end even if they don't make money on it.The fact is that the ps4 and the 2 new other systems will be out around 2012 they claim.That only give them about 3 years left on these system.Sony will not let Microsoft release their system a year earlier like last time.The fact is that the xbox and ps brand isn't going any where.Like i said before sony will never dominate the game market like before.Microsoft was smart when they release the 360 a year ahead of the ps3.Microsoft did what they wanted this gen and more.Not only did microsoft cut into the ps3 sells it's also sold about 8 million more units then the ps3.When ps3 fanboys claim that the 360 will be out 1st is just a bias remark.The fact is that they can't stand that sony isn't dominate anylonger and never will again.The same with 360 fanboys.When they claim that the ps3 will be out 1st is just a bias remark.They know that sony been around for a long time and dominated before this year.

Bubble Buddy3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Alan Wake has a very slim chance of release this year, o_0.
DLC counts now? :P
Huxley isn't a proven IP and not many ppl know about it,
Ninja Blade wasn't what do you call it, a good game? Mediocre.
99 Nights was also not a good game?
All Points Bulletin is only for PC? o_0

and the other list, some are multiplatform and others we don't know it's gonna be a great game. + Too Human 2? Really? Are you really that desperate to find games that are exclusive to 360?

Basically, you only got Mass Effect 2 (unless it goes multi) your Halo dose, and Forza 3 which obviously GT5 will obliterate it. Face it, two of my friends already switched to PS3, or barely play their 360 anymore(Gears, Halo only), and more are switching.

JeffGUNZ3441d ago

Your being bias about the 360 games as well. Dude, I have seen people on here hyping up ratchet and clank....Come on, that game is going to be average at best. Every exclusive game that comes out for PS3 isn't going to be amazing, same goes with 360. What Godthunder is saying is that the 360 does have many exclusives lined up. Until you play them, don't bash them.

All Time Greatness3441d ago

lol who would've thought.

PS3 fanboys still trying to prove their purchase.

UnSelf3441d ago

the Lintendo Naystation 360

Jaces3441d ago

None. They'll all be here for awhile.

Parapraxis3441d ago

@ JeffGUNZ, "Until you play them, don't bash them."

And wouldn't it be equally sensible to say

"Until you play them, don't GLORIFY them."?

I think the respective libraries on the respective platforms speak for themselves. No need to postulate, just look at what you can already play and you'll quickly see... that it really comes down to personal preference.

Bubble Buddy3441d ago

Ratchet is average? Are you kidding? Ratchet and Clank are amazing games all the way since PS2. But the games godofthunder listed, come on now. I know obviously every PS3 exclusive isn't gonna be amazing but this year they're been on a streak haven't they?

- Ghost of Sparta -3441d ago

360 (see Xbox), Wii (see GameCube), and then the PS3.

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SpoonyRedMage3441d ago

Well considering sales have been dropping now for a while now and the Wii is still on top I'm still find this hard to believe but I think the 360 is at the least threatt because it ahs the cheaper alternatives if you want to save money.

This is what people have been saying a while though and it hasn't happened yet.

JOLLY13441d ago

The ps3 slim will take it's place. Yes I am just playing around!

DeadlyYoshimitsu3441d ago

could be right, i think the casual will be the first to stop gaming then the wii sales will drop.

wiizy3441d ago

easy ..let the sales decide..another words..cross out sony...then microsoft and lets move the good games to the wii.

- Ghost of Sparta -3441d ago

Well, seeing how the PS2 is STILL going, it's easy to say that the PS3 will be the last to go. 360 will be the first.

Last Likely Lad3441d ago

with SD graphics and dodgy controls, nah.