Space Nazis Film Will Become Video Game

"The video game world is about to be invaded by Space Nazis - no, not Helghast. We're talking about actual Nazis, here. Blind Spot Pictures announced today that their upcoming film Iron Sky, a dark comedy about Nazis from the dark side of the Moon, will become a video game."

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360isgreat4066d ago


Why the heck is there no space game? Seriously some space shuttle simulation, explore the galaxies, customize your spaceship, fly through battling the evil flemnoids of planet Tintonk...

Could have mixed orbit gameplay then a landing sequence to explore planets.. All types of things could happen to ships along the way. Micro astroids, big astroids, solar flares.. Etc..

Sounds cool to me but probably the only one as everyone seems to love shooters! Shooters! Shooters! Let me Shooter you! Ill shooter you quicker! Shoot Shoot Shoot!

EvilCackle4066d ago

Well, NASA's making an MMO. That'll probably be the only game that comes close to what you're describing.

wibble4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

"fly through battling the evil flemnoids of planet Tintonk"

Shoot shoot shoot!

Admit it - flying through space is dull. It's the shooting bit at the end of the journey that's exciting. That's what you really want!.