Konami Teaser Site Related to Grindhouse?

Poster caliblue15 from noticed that the boarder for the Konami teaser site is the same boarder from the Grindhouse movies. It also appears that the date from the teaser site is the same date as shown in the bottom of the Grindhouse image.

Another unexpected twist in the saga of the Konami NEXT project.

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Rikitatsu3466d ago

a user from neogaf noticed it? and its old already.

Saint Sony3466d ago

I've seen a similar font used in almost every website..writing this with it right now!!! They must all be related! omg.. I am related to this! Conspiracy! Where's my folio hat when I need one! Damn!

Statix3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Hey Captain Kneejerk, how do you explain the DATE then?

Saint Sony3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

They copied the border and very badly too. Nothing more than a lame rip off even with the date, it has nothing to do with the game announcement.

There's tens of similar rip offs every now and then. Done in a hurry.

Grey Fox 923466d ago

Konami's web designers recyled that wallpaper in order to create that kind of "old paper" effect -_-

Rhezin3466d ago

"You gon look? Or you gon eat?" Love that line from Planet Terror.

Soldierone3466d ago

Remember the "OMG SONY WORKING WITH APPLE!!!!!" When Sony used an Apple program to generate the smoke effect around the PS3 on their offical site before launch lol. Something like this isnt meant to be apart of the clues....its just something they didnt catch.