The Implications of Dialect in Dragon Quest IV

In a new analysis piece, writer Daniel Johnson looks at the unique Dragon Quest IV translation on Nintendo DS to discuss the ways that dialects affect play.

After a short prologue, the first thing said to you in the new DS translation of Enix's classic JRPG Dragon Quest IV is the following request, made by a servant to the king;

"His Majesty is aboot tae make an announcement tae youse all. Simmer doon an' listen noo."

The almost uninterpretable utterance is then followed up by more slovenly spoken English, until you soon realize that everyone in this world responds to you in such a manner, even the king himself! Later on, in the following chapter, you'll progress to another one of Dragon Quest IV's quaint, little villages and the small township will again have their own oddities of spoken language.

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