Toshiba slashes price of HD-DVD players

"Strategic reduction" sees prices drop to $399

Toshiba has slashed the price of its HD-DVD players in the US, effective immediately, in a move it labelled a "strategic reduction."

The manufacturer is dropping prices of its entire HD-DVD line of players, with the entry level HD-A2 reduced to USD 399 (EUR 299 / GBP 203) and the newly released HD-A20 model coming to market at USD 499 (EUR 374 / GBP 254).

The HD-DVD format features in Microsoft's Xbox 360 console while Sony's rival Blu-ray format is a key element of the PlayStation 3.

Supporters of the HD-DVD format, including Warner, Paramount and Eagle Rock have welcomed the move.

"The spring is ramping up well for HD-DVD, with an incredible list of movies and the best priced hardware on the market," commented Ken Graffeo, executive VP of marketing at Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

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Covenant4274d ago

Will the 360 drive drop as well?

ENNO4274d ago

Nah the drive wont,but this is a great move and well needed as i was gettin worried about all this "the last nail in the coffin for hd-dvd"crap,looks like were just gettin started!!!

sabbath4204274d ago

Good news for HD consumers. I have a xbox HD-DVD drive and am very pleased with it. Will be getting a stand alone player now. Sure will like to see sony take a dive on this one. They are so self absorbed. "They will work more hours for a ps3 and become more disciplined" Darn japs.

specialguest4274d ago

If you already own an HD-DVD player which is an addon and very pleased with it, then why are you planning to spend twice as much on a stand alone? hahahah very contradictory of you. Seems like the 360s addon doesn't satisfy you enough.

Whoooop4274d ago

Slow sales are the real reason...

HokieFan4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Sony said a few weeks ago that they're lowering the price on their Blu-ray player to $ that because sales are slow? Or is that strategic?

EDIT: How can you disagree with a simple question? It's a question!!! The fanboyism on this site is amazing!

ENNO4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

actually the sales are more profitable than blu-ray....the margin is 2-1 because of all these free blu-ray vouchers given out by the ps3.

quiddd4274d ago

I'd agree with you if the race was even to this point. But the past few months up to today have shown that Blu-Ray is winning.

Tell me. Which do you see more frequently...................c ommercials ending with the movie coming out in DVD and 1) HD-DVD or 2) Blu-Ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.