Video Game Characters That Can't Handle Their Alcohol

Gamer Limit writes "The games that we play are littered with various characters that can and will beat the living hell out of any alien, zombie, Nazi or parked motorcar. Admittedly, most of these guys could drink me under the table with relative ease - if they were real and, more to the point, paying. But there are definitely a few out there that I can't help but look at and wonder just how much a couple of whiskeys would go to their head."

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syvergy3465d ago

I can only imagine the conversation DK and Mario would have.

chaserooniman3465d ago

Lol, Otacon's story is by far the funniest thing I have read in a while.

chrisjc3465d ago

DK and Mario chilling after all these years of anger and strife.

Beer is the ultimate relaxer!

Clance3465d ago

Zoey L4D is CLEARLY a liability when it comes to booze... avoid her!!

Dimly3465d ago

I bet Kirby could put a keg away no problem.

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