PSU: ZEN Pinball Review

ZEN Pinball is the best pinball game on the PlayStation Network.

Okay, that statement requires a bit of clarification. Since ZEN Pinball is the only pinball game on the PlayStation Network, it could be an absolute disaster and still obtain the aforementioned title of "best pinball game on PSN." Luckily, that is not the case.

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XtreemGamer3438d ago

ZEN Pinball is a great game.. i recommend it to everyone who likes pinball games! :)

Socomer 19793438d ago

Its good. I havent found all the tricks yet but its pretty cool and great if youre about to watch a movie and got about 30 minutes to kill. Game On. The competitiveness in the design of the game is strong with kudos to players all over the world like in burnout paradise. SMART.