Cryengine 2 maxed out: Screenshot proof

A lot of Crysis screenshots have been published that tried to show near real-life graphics with ingame shots. PCGH shows some time of the day art pictures that may fulfill this promise.

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xwabbit3493d ago


Kurylo3d3493d ago

i agree... this modded verysion of the time of day in crysis.. makes the game look like crap... lol.. wtf is right..

Tito Jackson3493d ago

its nice to see other styles every now and then.

menoyou3493d ago

yup, characters look like crap. some pics look nice others look like crap. crysis has overrated graphics

Kakkoii3493d ago

Overrated? Are you kidding me?

You've obviously never played Crysis then (Or at least on a machine capable something better than LOW.)

And you probably didn't cycle through the image gallery at the bottom. The first few pics didn't look so good because it's night time, so you can't see much. But there's many pics showing off the stunning detail and realism of the forest and environment.

Doppy3493d ago

Am I the only person who thought this looked good? Some of the pics were absolutely amazing, and some weren't as good, but those that weren't as good were still better than 80 - 90% of all current gen games.

Crysis will still be one of if not the best looking game of this gen. The thing that makes Crysis look so great is it's environment. Everything about the environment breathes life, and looks so amazingly detailed that the character models stand out as the weak point of the game.

Crysis has the best looking environments out of every video game to me, and we'll have to wait and see who or what game can take it down.

stevenhiggster3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

No I'm with you there, it looks pretty awesome to me. I have always and will always think that the character models in Crysis are a bit poo though, but the environments are just too awesome, especially the forests.

I can only play it on High not because my PC sucks but because I don't have Vista installed, even at that it still looks better than 90% of games out there.

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shocky163493d ago

I've seen much better looking Crysis pics.

osamaq3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

very realistic I think we wont see anything like this pics on consoles until the Next Gen consoles in 2012 or 2013

SL1M DADDY3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

'Cause when I am running around, tossing grenades and popping baddies with my M4, there's nothing like taking a break to watch the sun set...


Not trying to be rude but in the truth of it all, great graphics make for some pretty screen shots but if the game play lacks, the game is pure junk. And in the case of FPS's, playing the game as it should be played, you should never have enough time to enjoy the scenery.

Mr Face Creamer3493d ago

But when your popping Korean armies in a nano suit capable of anything while the sun is rising and there's jets hovering over you and soldiers driving around vechiles gunning you down....

All you could think about is throwing a grenade and shooting three M4 bullets in a CoD4 match.

Kurylo3d3493d ago

s1im daddy... i have to disagree...

u ever play paintball in a jungle? hiding in the bushes sneaking slowly... thats some scenery that has to be there to be able to feel like its a a jungle.

SL1M DADDY3493d ago

It all comes down to game play. You can have the best looking foliage but if the game sucks then you get a crappy game. As long as the developer does not sacrifice game play for graphics then I am happy but in so many cases, this has happened. And yeah, COD4 is more my cup of tea than Wars.

zagibu3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Wrong, Sl1m Daddy. Only bad shooters are non-stop action fests. Good shooters go up and down like the tides. And it is during such a down phase that you can impress the player with pretty scenery and effects.

You are right though, that pretty graphics alone do not make a game.

SL1M DADDY3493d ago

If you like games that lull in mid game so that you can look at the pretty sun set then that is up to you. As for me, I like constant action that keeps me on my toes. Scenery is nice for RPG's, not my FPS's.

Matpan3492d ago

Why do people insist that crysis isn´t a good game?... I had a BLAST playing both iterations. Warhead a little too short though.

The game was greatly designs, it feels really open world like any other game out there. Graphics are amazing and you get as many breaths as you want to admire the scenery. It makes for somne memorable moments, and you can approach the gameplay from many different angles. You can almost go hidden and unseen through most parts, or you can go guns blazing and destroying most of what there is to be seen.

The engine, though poor in its resource management for the time of its release, can be coped with a moderately cheap PC nowadays. If you have a high end one you are assured to have THE graphic ride of the moment (on an almost 2 year old game). Plus the games is heavily modded by an active community to boost it´s performance and tweak it´s visuals in lots of aspects.

What is there bad about this game?

wanderofys3492d ago

I think I know why. I loved Crysis to death, but I can't help but admit that it has mediocre multiplayer. I don't know if you've noticed, but people are crazy about multiplayer this gen. Crysis had one of the best single player campaigns I've ever played, and the suit and it's different abilities were nothing but pure fun. However, for me, Crysis was one of those games I play through a couple of times and only pick it back up to show friends how great it looks. You can play Call of Duty 4 online for years and never get bored, and that appeals to gamers this gen: playing the same game over and over and over. Doesn't particularly appeal to me, but who am I, right?

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