Infectus allows for Xbox 360 'Downgrade'

The Infectus mod team mailed in to let us know that they have uploaded a video of their first tests at dumpinging and and flashing the Xbox 360 BIOS NAND. They claim their mod will read and write the internal BIOS of the Xbox 360, allowing you to even downgrade.

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BOOSTIN4311d ago

allows the 360 to downgrade? ..... downgrade WHAT? firmware, updates, what exactly?

highps34311d ago

Developers enjoy :)

Going to become like the PSP.

kewlkat0074311d ago

PS3 just came out, if more than anything they will crack the PS3 first. Sony is so open with that console...

Kyur4ThePain4311d ago

Like, uhm....before what?

razer4310d ago

I believe this is to downgrade the kernal on the 360 so you can run the shader exploit from the King Kong game. MS left some unsigned code and opened the door a bit from what I understand.

I don't see anything wrong with hacking a console for homebrew. Some incredible innovations come out of the community from this. Maybe you heard of a program on the original Xbox called XBMC? It is by far the most complete and impressive Media Center ever. I would love to see it come to the 360 and support HD content. However, I don't want to see it used for piracy. Homebrew = good Piracy = bad ! MS has done a good job this time around with their protection. There hasn't been a console yet that hasn't been hacked and the PS3 will have it's time.