Activision: Tony Hawk: RIDE is massive step forward for games industry as a whole

VG247: Tony Hawk: RIDE isn't just a skateboarding game with a skateboard-shaped platic peripheral you can stand on, no sir. According to Activision's Rob Kostich, it's actually a huge leap forward in terms of games and gaming as we know it.

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360isgreat3493d ago

If someone is this into skateboarding wouldnt they just buy a skateboard instead of an electronic snow board?

And if people threw wii motes through tv's I wonder what people will do with this thing? Nothing more manly then twisting ur ankle playing a video game

snaz273493d ago

i mean if i wanted to stand on a board while i played the game, i would just buy a bloody skateboard and do it for real surely? im tellin ya the wii is to blame for all this nonsense! damn you wiis! damn you all to heeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll

butterfinger3493d ago

this depends heavily on how well the little board will work and how expensive it will be. I'm not going to pay $150 for this game, and I'm worried about how it will actually turn out. Tony Hawk games have been too great in recent years, and this one just seems like a gimmick. I do want to try it, though. :P

LightofDarkness3493d ago

Activision really seem to be enjoying the "games with exclusive and expensive peripherals" market.