Champions Online: Dr Silverback Revealed

IncGamers reports that Cryptic Studios has revealed details of another hero in their upcoming MMO 'Champions Online'; Dr Silverback.

"The gadget-making Gorilla is part of The Champions super team. Originally captured and tested on, he was rescued by British superheroes, the New Knights of the Round Table, taken back to England and eventually granted a British citizenship."

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Maticus3444d ago

Lol, nice one.

Shame about the game's delay, but meh, more time on the beta to give me a head start!

Leord3444d ago

Yeh, wish they had not revealed the date to early ;)

Dorjan3444d ago

A Silverback Gorilla as a superhero?

Malfurion3444d ago

Superheros and villains come in all shapes and sizes!

Fyzzu3444d ago

Not quite as awesome as Dr. McNinja, but close.