IncGamers: Bionic Commando Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald has a look at one of the most anticipated titles for years, Bionic Commando.

"Your experience with Bionic Commando, if plotted onto a graph, would take an interesting shape. Initially, your interest will be middling. On the one hand it's Bionic Commando, which we've been waiting for for what seems like forever. On the other hand, you start with nothing interesting."

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thetamer3443d ago

I'm gutted this isn't as good as it should be! Damn you Capcom.

Leord3443d ago

7.5 is still a decent score, right?

Ghoul3443d ago

have you played it ?

no ? then stop whining, god i curse these days where gamers judge a game by the cover and rating. ...

talltony3443d ago

the mp demo I knew this game wasnt going to score high. It just felt kind of well...gimicky.

thetamer3443d ago

Errr,@ Ghoul, I have played the game, and I don't like it. I appreciate its roots, but I don't like the game. I'm allowed an opinion, and for the record, I agree Sin was good, but I am legend wasn't, and 300 wasnt' amazing. But again, they're my opinions. it is gimmicky.

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Dorjan3443d ago

I never played the original so my expectations aren't high enough to be disappointed :lol:

Leord3443d ago

I don;t usually listen THAT much to reviews anyway. Looks like a very cool game, and it has great roots :)

Ghoul3443d ago

i can only second that.

An awesome bionic arm with swing gameplay and what ive seen sofar great levels, im sold.

people shouldn't judge games only by its ratings. Look i BET most of you guys watch and enjoy most of the movies that have awefull reviews on metacritic for example.

i sure as hell do

sin city 74%
300 51%
i am legend 65%

sure some dont like em and didnt enjoyed em but do you consider them bad or obsolete ?

Fyzzu3443d ago

Fun, but not fun enough, then.