Single slot GTX 295 comes in late May

Fudzilla: "The single PCB Geforce GTX 295, just like the one we've showed you here, is officially launching in late May. Nvidia's control freak machine could not keep these cards under wraps until the launch date, but there is little to be excited about this card.

The performance is the same, the clocks are the same but TDP should be a tad different. GTX 295 single PCB should hold the performance crown until GT300 launches later this year, as we don't expect any high end updates from Nvidia before Q4 2009. It also looks like ATI's performance DirectX 11 card won't be launching before Q4 2009 either, so Nvidia should not have much to worry about.

There is little chance we will see any DirectX 10.x cards faster than GTX 295 and single GPU GTX 285 or Radeon HD 4870 X2 or a single GPU 4890. The next step for both is Q4 2009 with DirectX 11. "

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