Top 10 racing games on mobile phones

It used to be that mobile phones were home to large numbers of simple-but-fun puzzle games and not a lot else, the average handset's lack of processing grunt scuppering the chances of anything more complex. Early efforts at racing games tended to be more than a little prosaic and wholly lacking in spectacle.

The rapid development of mobile technology, though, has meant that the mobile racing genre is now hotly contested and - more importantly - home to some absolutely corking examples.

We thought that now would be an excellent time to look at the genre and pick out ten shining examples of the mobile racing arts. Along the way we'll reappraise a few old (that's anything over six months of age in the fast-moving world of mobile games) favourites in light of recent developments. We'll also present a few left-field alternatives to the usual batch of slick urban racers.

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