PS3 Slim Confirmed? Lawyers Demand SPOnG Removes Pix

SPOnG: "Over the weekend we received a politely threatening email from a firm of Taiwan-based lawyers asking us to remove the story entitled 'New Slim PlayStation 3 Pix Torn Down', which we we ran on May 14th.

Not only were we asked to remove the entire web page in question - which included comment from analysts on the potential for a new, slim, PS3 - we were also asked to keep the request from the lawyers, acting on behalf of an unnamed client, hushed up.

We're comfortable enough removing images from the story as they could have been obtained illegally. We are not, however, going to be gagged in our reporting of threats made against us on behalf of an unnamed company via its lawyers."

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jack_burt0n4076d ago

sony does not want ppl thinking a new model is coming because that will have a negative effect on sales and e3 because ppl will be waiting for something that does not exist, it proves nothing either way.

Mindboggle4076d ago

Exactly, but then again there have been many fake psp, ps3, xbox etc and they very rarely get threatened by a lawyer. Plus it does say that the images contain illegal leaks. Plus they are probably going to get into more trouble for posting the letter.

50CALheadshot4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

300 dollar ps3 should sell pretty well.

so, lets see. ps3 failure revolved around the following:

first thing people argued about games. Multiplats were looking better on 360 day in and day out, 360 kept buying ps3 exclusives.

brd. bluray was the inferior product, was set to be overtaken by hddvd.


now sales.


brd owns hddvd, fanboys move onto graphics debate.

funny how the ps3 exclusives look a generation ahead of anything else on consoles and the multiplats look the same across the board now.

what do fanboys do? they move onto price.

it turns out a ps3 is cheaper and offers way more, out of the box....fanboys move onto sales.

300 dollar ps3 should trump the sales argument, so what will fanboys argue over next?

Im starting to think all those analysts that predicted the ps3 would fail, are fanboys themselves.

BX814076d ago

That's a Head shot my friend. Why buy now when the one you want is coming out soon?

Shadow Flare4076d ago

The biggest reason i think the slim is real was the picture of the packaging. It just looked right. The 120gb seemed right, the new logo looked like the psone style, the picture of the console looked extremely cool. Looks exactly like the original but just squashed. And the whole packaging looked legit to me

Lifendz4076d ago

It is super early for a PS3 slim. However, if the slim is the 299.99 sku then bring it on.

Shadow Flare4076d ago

Actually the very first arguement fanboys use to use with the ps3 wasn't its price, it was the online. When they first heard about it, they said ps3's online would be exactly like ps2's online and it would always be rubbish because its free. Xbox fanboys keep getting owned, aahahahaha. . . . . AHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Sev4076d ago

Just to let you guys know, SPOnG is not lying about this.

I just got the same letter in my mailbox. Sadly I am going to have to remove the pics as well.

locos854076d ago

Great job in keeping their request confidential.

TheExecutive4076d ago

why should they keep their request "secret"? Obviously, if all of the pictures disappear there will be articles about that. If they had a case for a judge to demand a gag order on these letters they would have exercised it.

Mindboggle4076d ago

PM me the letter and then ill believe you, and never doubt you again..

Sarick4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

"sony does not want ppl thinking a new model is coming because that will have a negative effect on sales and e3 because ppl will be waiting for something that does not exist."

It's not smart to buy a system just before E3. Even if there are no rumors about slims or price cuts it's best to wait till after. Smart people know this. Sales will always slump just before E3 because people are waiting to see where things are headed. Here are three examples why people wait just before E3.

1. Will there be a price drop?

2. Will a new IP I'm interested be announced to justify my purchasing a new system?

3. Will a new version of hardware be announced?

Ask yourself this. If your in wading in the woods for your prey why jump the gun unless your a compulsive person who just can't wait. It doesn't really matter if there are rumors or not most people will justify waiting anyway.

bpac1234567894076d ago

definitely sounds fake, sponge got played into removing their pics and creating hype for this "ps3 slim."

locos854076d ago

I was just being sarcastic. I you read the letter it says "Please keep our request confidential." It's funny to me how just posted the whole letter. I don't care if they were being confidential or not.

menoyou4075d ago

Yea why stay quiet about the lawyers taking it down, why let Sony have a nice surprise for everyone at E3 when we can ruin it by getting a few measly hits on our website by posting this article.

Arnon4075d ago

"it turns out a ps3 is cheaper and offers way more, out of the box....fanboys move onto sales."

I don't understand.. you guys constantly say that the 360 is the cheapest console on the market which is why it sells more, but then go on to say that it's the most expensive because the PS3 is the better deal?

Which one is it?

gaffyh4075d ago

It still looks huge, the logo doesn't go with the design of the current PS3 logo, and the console itself looks quite ugly. I dunno, if that is the Slim version I'd rather have the phat version.

Matpan4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?
Ol' Jack always says... what the hell?

ajay_solidsnake4075d ago

Well sony can openly come forward and officially deny this things...

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Baba19064076d ago

how about waiting? when the time comes, they will announce it.

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