Take 2 demands Duke Nukem source code from 3DRealms

Take 2 sues former Duke Nukem Forever developer 3DRealms, demanding to turn over all existing DNF source code. The court documents have turned up online, showing the lawsuit's exact details.

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crazy17043466d ago

Actually there isnt ...

LightofDarkness3466d ago

The way I see it is Take 2 are demanding the software that is owed to them. 2 possible reasons exist:

1: To use the source code as evidence of how little work was actually completed during the game's 12 year development cycle.

2: To obtain the work that's already been done and assign a development studio to the game that will actually complete the project in a timely manner.

Jockamo3466d ago

...for their case against 3dRealms.

The-Director3466d ago

3DRealms, stop being jerks and just give the code and give the game a chance to be finished instead if drowning it with you.


Didn't George Brussard say that he always kept the game on a solid state hard drive that he carries with himself at all times? I honestly believe that he destroyed it from any regular PC and the only copy left is with him. I say lets jump him and get that hard drive and play the game that Jesus himself has touched.

360isgreat3466d ago

I wouldnt buy this game at this point if it turned out to be the best game EVER.

Id like to take a big steamy pile of poo on the source code then recycle it, do it again, then proceed to burn it with fire just to make sure we have to never hear about this pathetic game again. The first one wasnt even that good.

cronaldo73466d ago

3DRealms is garbage. Press agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.