The Portable Gamer Review: Top Gun for iPhone

TPG writes: "The 80s were a strange and wondrous time. Cold War. Ronald Reagan. The Safety Dance. Top Gun. Relive those (great?) times with Top Gun on the iPhone. And even if this crazy doesn't appeal to you, then it's still worth checking out, it's a solid action-arcade game even if you weren't a fan of Top Gun back in the '80s and don't understand what the big deal with the movie is."

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Spolodaface3466d ago

I'm confused as to why they thought the iPhone was the best place to reintroduce the franchise. Unless the game was created as a different game that just got the Top-Gun name slapped on it in distribution.

killyourfm3466d ago

Tom Cruise is definitely getting a rebirth on the iPhone (Days of Thunder, Top Gun...)

But to answer your question, probably because it's the fastest way for them to make a few bucks..

CrAppleton3466d ago

Tom Cruise = Coolness.. but I don't know that they'd make that much money off his likeness

Neco5123466d ago

I can't imagine they would. He's old news

CrAppleton3466d ago

OH.. yeah.. they would make money off the top gun name though :D

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CrAppleton3466d ago

I don't think I've seen a top gun game I like yet.. :-/

Neco5123466d ago

oh come on! you didn't like the NES version? Great times trying to land on the carrier

CrAppleton3466d ago

Yeah... right.. GREAT times.. of frustration that I'd rather not remember

Bathyj3466d ago

Theres 2 "o's" in Goose boys.

psycho3603466d ago

For me Interceptor on Amiga 500 created the best Top gun experience with its polygon graphics and rear cam just for recreating the famous carrier take off and an immediate spiral climb.

supercharger51503466d ago

lol, Tom Cruise does not equal Coolness. Maybe in the Top Gun instance but not now. Now he's a d*mn whack job.

roblef3466d ago