The Conduit Causing Epic Fear Amongst Wii Haters

From HDWarriors -
With this latest offering from "Hateful, Threatened, Fanboy Central" we begin to gain a clear picture of just how afraid certain people are that this game is what it says it is. That it just might sell alot. That it just might be so well developed, and so much fun that it's worth buying a Wii for, even if you already own an HD console. Even if you love Halo 3, or Killzone 2.

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badz1493493d ago

so it pushes the boundary for the Wii but it's not even in HD! to go as far as comparing it to KZ2 is somewhat delusional! this game is luckyb to even manage to sell 200k worldwide! that's too low for a 50+ million user based!

Aggesan3493d ago

Do you always have to bring in your sales predictions? Who cares about the numbers when all that matters to gamers are the games themselves?

Now regarding the game, it seems to be good, but I haven't seen or read anything about it that impressed so far. Sure, the graphics are nice considering it's for wii, but so what? Great graphics rarely makes a game better. I doubt it will be anything I'll buy a wii because of, but I'll wait for the final reviews before I make my mind up.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The most interesting part would be the control scheme...not the visuals.
When it comes to the Conduit people only talk about the visuals...
I don't blame anyone, i mean Wii wasn't suppose to do anything more than a Ps2....right?

But seriously though the controls can really be solid and i honestly don't think that 100% of all people who are waiting for this, are jumping for the "visuals".

Also buddy,
God of war not selling 150 million on the Ps2 is PRETTY LOW(or any other "hardcore" game for that matter) *retarded faces*.
( O i'm sorry did i just invoke your brain to think of excuses now? Fact is that people bash the Wii and its 50 million installbase, pretending that every "hardcore" title on the Ps2 sold 150 million+)
Seriously that arguement is so full of shyte...get over it.

No matter what you say( like but you know Ps2 had more hardcore games than shovelware, is irrelevant) you know that statement is just nonsense.

edgeofblade3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Another "fear in the hearts of fanboys" story. Glad to see the 360 and PS3 fanboys can band together to collectively call bullshit.... as we should since we are on the same side of the REAL war: hardcore vs casual, precision vs. waggle, AAA vs. shovelware.

Wii FPS will never be viable unless you stop using the cursor to turn and look. It's sickening the way you have to gimp the enemies to deal with pie-in-the-sky design decisions.

But then, the self-righteous PC crowd could say the same thing about consoles in general. I just think the junk that Wii gives us is the line you don't cross.

Da One3493d ago

agreed the wii shames me as gamer

although it has a lot of games i want

ZuperAmazingCooKie3493d ago

16 player online? Last gen graphics? Generic storyline? "teh controls"? Sounds to me like the Wii zealots are the ones in fear of their last hope flopping. Judging by previews and previous sales records it is not looking good. Poor High Voltage, they should develop for systems where their games will be appreciated.

N4g_null3493d ago


If you are not afraid then why post here? Are Wii hardcore afraid of the PS3 coming back...LOL nope hell we hope it does, this gen is just shameful for them. There are no zealots here for nintendo actualy if you guy didn't slame the Wii at all most of us wouldn't even post here. I mean I understand the Wii graphic pipeline and your still trying to tell people the cell can run shaders at a GPU speed? That is just bad for the fans because they expect more than what they will get.... never being able to show the true power of your console is a end game scenario when that what the majority of your customers bought the system for. Like I've said before the HD fans will kill that platform all by them selves. I mean it's like watch Saturday morning cartoons and you guys are the villains.

DID you notice how quickly the story was approved here on N4G with out even checking it out? Seriously you want it to do badly. Yet you really should stick to your HD system of choice and try to find some thing good to post about it because heavy rain, uncharted, all sound just as boring as what came out last year. Hey you guys may be excited but the line up is looking lame, more concept art in motion that fun game play.

The ones that do have a Wii are excited because this is what we want a motion based FPS with graphics that match the system. Also when you try it out you will like it. HVS have out done them selves on this one and I'm expecting their art team to get better also. Hey it may sell well and it may sell slow but seriously it coming out is all that needs to happen because the wii needs at least 1 FPS that gets new comers hooked.

I do think a few of you are afraid it's going to do well. That means the motion FPS control catch on and lots of you don't want to learn some thing new. That's understandable but lame. You don't see us in the uncharted threads do you? We let you hype your game all you want?

poopface13492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I dont hate wii. I no longer have any current gen consoles, only PC. But I am sick of hearing about the conduits "effect" on other console owners. I dont think it looks that good, and if it was on ps3/360 it would most defiantly be just "another shooter." It may be good but I doubt itll have even close to the impact alot of people are expecting.

I think most people are just tired of people trying to make them care about the conduit.

Just like halo 3 or killzone 2, If your not into it you just wont be convinced to like it no matter how many people tell you its great. And after a while you may actually start to hate it. I

Sarcasm3492d ago

I don't get it. Most people don't care about this title because they're too busy playing games.

I however, will at least rent this and play on my nephew's Wii.

Danja3492d ago

Ne ways im still looking forward to this game , if the control scheme works great then im all aboard , I really dont care about the graphics , thats why I have KZ2 and COD4 to play also..

some of you guys here are too negative it's laughable at times , im not the biggest fan of the Wii but it does have great games also , and this could potentially be one of them , plus the online portion seems pretty cool from what the devs are trying to do with it.

Chubear3492d ago

.. because they've seen that if developers start making more $ and success from these wii type games then it's very possible they'll focus more attention on conduit type games that don't advance gaming in anyway.

Take for instance this waggle wii-mote. Ninty fans will swear to high heaven that it is the ultimate in control schemes and that other gamers wish they had it. However, in reality, the PS3, 360 and most certainly PS fanbase couldn't give a rats buttocks about wii-mote type controls and we fear everyday that Sony, MS and others may try convincing or force us to use that gimmicky crap in our game experiences.

The rest of the gaming community outside of ninty fans see Nintendo as setting gaming backwards and have a real fear that their style of gaming may in some way be introduced on the PS3 & 360 cause developers may want to bring wii type success to their games on these platforms.

If you asked these fanbases if they'd prefer a wii-mote version instead of a control pad or k/m I bet you'd get a staggeringly, deafening & resounding - "HELLLLL NO!!!!!!"

N4g_null3492d ago


We wanted an online FPS because we saw the controls work in metroid and if you've gotten far in it I would love to see you play that game with dual analog the bosses are way too fast for you.

The people that may enjoy the conduit the most are PC gamers wanting a console game that can keep up with their FPS skills. Lots of people have been waiting on this and the graphics are like polish.

Another thing is the preciseness of the controls are the main reason why newcomers love Wii games. The only true waggle on our consoles is the PS3's controller since it lacks IR.

You can claim it's not accurate all you want I bet you believe dual analog is better than a mouse key board set up also. Hey if that what you like then good for you. Yet good controls equals more fans. Also the Ai is not gimped many have already complained about getting their a$$ handed to them selves in the single player.

Hey if your not afraid then you should not be here, I mean is there a Wii owners afraid of uncharted, nope, infamous, nope... This reminds me of how people felt about Wii sports then every one lined up to play it at E3. I think the same thing is going to happen at this E3... Nintendo's PR could show up late and just put out their games and get a good response from the public.

Obviously FPS fan don't care about generic art because halo out sold most FPS games on the PS3. I mean isn't the yellow light of death from dust build up? The same goes for the 360, I wonder why all of the dusty Wiis are not having problems? Maybe because you don't own one.

SinnedNogara3492d ago

When you read your comment it sounds stupid.

So what if the Wii is getting a great game?? How will this game make the PS3 and 360 quality suffer??

Why do sales matter?? It's not like if the game sells only 1,000 units then it sucks. It is still a good game right??

Whether it sells 1,000 or 1,000,000 it will still be awesome.

SinnedNogara3492d ago

The Conduit....generic?? ROFL!!

You should rename yourself "CAPTAIN SPAMMO!" You don't know crap about the game do you. It isn't generic and if you actually read the story and gameplay, you wouldn't sound so dumb right now!!

Generic Games That Are "Great"

Halo 3
Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty: WaW
Killzone 2

Halo 3 has won dozens of GOTY awards!! And it is VERY generic. It screams "GENERIC, GENERIC!!" But does it mean it's bad.


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T-What3493d ago

I hate the Wii and I defiantly don't fear this game, why would I?

N4g_null3492d ago

Why hate it then? Did some one rape you with it or some thing? It's like hating a gameboy because your console is in color. They are different markets really. Because the Hd market is no longer an extension of console gaming it's more of a PC market because of the products they chose to put out there.

mistajeff3493d ago

All the hands-on stuff I've read about this says it's bad.

ChickeyCantor3493d ago

Then you are only reading the ones that were negative...
you are obviously lying if you are saying they all said it was bad.
The majority thinks otherwise.

N4g_null3492d ago

Really where? I have not seen one bad hands on yet? Any sites?

phantomexe3493d ago

Lol nice...Read that did ya,all the hands on been bad.Ok safe to say you can't read because the hands on by ign and other web sites has been good.There have been some fakes,but why am i trying to explain this to you.The game may end up with low sells at the start but it will like world at war go on and sell over a mil on the wii easy.I think we will see a conduit 2.The fanboys need new stuff to complain about.

rjguess3493d ago

When comparing The Conduit to a ps3 game like Killzone2 or a 360 game like halo. They should compare by gameplay and control scheme and overall fun gameplay, story, replay ability, and so on. I own both and wii and a ps3 and I know better than to compare the wii graphically to the ps3 or 360 games.
So when I see this game I say wow thats a great looking wii game. Not man that thing looks as good as a ps3 or 360 game. No bc it does not. Also people who don't own the wii need to admit this is a nice looking wii game. Stop the comparison to halo and Killzone graphically. Compare it in other ways as above.

The gaming GOD3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

But to be fair, comparisons to KZ 2 or Halo are partially the developer's own fault. Because THEY themselves said a number of times the Conduit would be able to rival graphically FPS games on the other consoles such as those.

True as you said, the comparison shouldn't even be made. But The Conduit developers shouldn't have made the comparison to begin with

ChickeyCantor3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Wasn't it obvious they were talking about stuff like "full normal/emboss/bump mapping" , "radiocity/perpixel lightning" etc etc?

Seriously they know Wii won't do 1080P, they would shoot themselves in the foot if they actually go with that mentality.

Ah, I see i have a fan...
Keep hitting that disagree ma boy, it only shows that you love me.

The gaming GOD3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

A few months ago on Spike TV the guy said Graphics. You might have to web search the Conduit Episode of Gametrailers TV. But yeah, he didn't sugar coat anything.

And even if he was talking about the stuff you just said, the bottom line is they are STILL making a comparison. So again, it's their own fault comparisons to games like Killzone 2 and Halo 3 are being made

N4g_null3492d ago

The gaming GOD even if you hold them to it they did pretty damn good LOL. The normal maps in this game are pretty good when you look at the spec. I mean it's like saying a direct x 7-8 card can do normal maps, that pretty impressive to me.

Another thing is people don't compare HD console games to the PC. Because the console simply don't have the specs. I mean if you get a Wii then you are not expecting HD console stuff and to get some of it is pretty impressive which is why it got some of it's hype but once people get to play this one the hype will go to the controls and game play which is what keeps people playing.

The Wii also doesn't have 256 megs of ram or a GPU like a RSX nore a multiple chip set up and it is still cranking out some good stuff. That is what I like about consoles. They use so little but accomplish so much.

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