Can a Metal Gear Raiden Work?

With all the rumors surfacing about a new Metal Gear being revealed at E3, the obvious first question is, who would be the main protagonist in the game? The most logical character would be Raiden, and more specifically Ninja Raiden from MGS4. Can a Metal Gear game be made and stay close to it's roots with Ninja Raiden as the main character?

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TrevorPhillips3439d ago

can it work people would love to play as raiden in a metal gear solid game

Create3439d ago

If you watched the secret metal gear riden trailer, you know for sure the 5th game is going to be riden based. The new teaser site addition for kojimas game proves without a doubt this is going to be metal gear raiden (5?).

Raiden in Japanese means lightning and thunder, and thats all you hear in the new addition to the teaser. They may have been working on this game for a while, possibly since MGS3 ended. Im all for a metal gear raiden 5, theres alot we dont know about him....

jessehaysfl3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

and what reputable source has the "secret metal gear riden trailer"?

Im not sure about a Metal Gear without snake.....Maybe it will be good but probably it will suck....Didnt we already play as raiden in Sons of Liberty? running around naked was not that fun.....and the boss fight with swords and tentacles......bummer.

Create3439d ago

Its not a source, it was in MGS3, thats the most reputable source I can think of. Snake is old, Raiden is young and we hardly know anything about him.

I did not murder him3439d ago

Its Metal Gear Rising and you got this game in the wrong channel.

Create3439d ago

Metal Gear Rising...?

where the hell did that title come from?

onijutsu3439d ago

alot of question with no real conclusion, more like a blog post rather than an artilce