Video Game Characters Invade San Francisco Citywide Party/Race

Slashgamer: "Every third Sunday in May, San Francisco holds a annual footrace called the Bay to Breakers. The race was started in 1912 and was to commemorate the city's strength after the devastating earthquake of 1906, which killed as many as 3,000+ people in the Bay Area. Although the race is relatively short, which goes from end of the city to the other, there were about 60,000 participants 2008. However, it should be noted not everyone is trying to 'win.'

While a decent number of athletes are running the race for competition/charity purposes, most of the people 'participating' are just there to have a 'good time.'

Behind the actual runners are the so called 'walkers.' About 99% of them are dressed up in elaborate customs, hell many people are just plain naked. Some people created stupendous decorated floats, which generally carries large amount of alcohol inside them and consumed by everyone walking with or around them. If you ever get the chance to participate or even watch it from the side, it's well worth to take advantage of the opportunity."

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