Iwata says "Sh!t" on Nintendo Japan website

"With a company so involved with family friendly gaming, this comes as a complete shock. On the official Nintendo Japan website, when Iwata tells us what SDK means he slips alittle curse word in for good measure."

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zoneofenders3466d ago

in japanese:いま、太田さんが言ったSDKというのは

there is no sh!t in it.
this article is a joke.i mean, google translator, seriously?

Mini Mario3466d ago

God next they will have an article that mr iwata goes to the toilet too.

badz1493466d ago

thanks for the original text and there is certainly no "sh!t" or what so ever in there! even if it's there, it will sounds like "google translator is sh!t"

Product3466d ago

They say Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn.....i guess this even applies to Google.

LightofDarkness3465d ago

So? Cliffy B has probably said much worse in church, he's certainly said more than that in blogs and public appearances.

BLuKhaos3465d ago

A grown man curses, how is this news?

xwabbit3465d ago

Yah journalism has gotten really good.... when a person says $h!t and it becomes news...

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avantgarde843466d ago


Thats crazy, i wonder if that is the right translation...

Narutone663466d ago

in translation. The word should be crap ;)

Mini Mario3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

"Must have been...
...talking about the Wii's graphics, and the quality of 90% of the games."

Na i think he was talking about how the "graphically superior" ps3/360 is doing against the "inferior" wii

YeOldeGamer3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

...talking about the Wii's graphics, and the quality of 90% of the games.

KionicWarlord2223466d ago

I think its a mishap in translation...

BUt further more thats very werid

Product3466d ago

exactly my thoughts lol

FunkyBunch3465d ago

Maybe the article should be about how bad Google Translate sucks. The sentence in question translates to something like: Does this make sense [to you]?
There are no 'curse' words on the whole page.

Product3466d ago

How is this allowed but we get friend codes? lol jk

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The story is too old to be commented.