Xbox 360 Game of the Year bundle coming to Australia

Microsoft Australia have today announced that the Xbox 360 "Game of the Year" bundle will be coming to Australian retailers from the 28th of May. The Game of the Year bundle includes Halo 3 and Fable 2, with the Xbox 360 Elite sku (which already includes a 120gb HDD, wireless controller, headset and HDMI cable). The bundle will be offered at the same price as the current standalone console.

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Odion3442d ago

why can't they release this is Canada!

andyo133442d ago

fable II get a goty award from a respectable source.

i don't remember halo 3 get any goty.

Alvadr3442d ago

Fable 2 got game of the year.. Oh ok... news to me as I thought it was pants

REALgamer3442d ago

Halo 3 got GOTY in the Innovation category in Edge for it's Forge and Theater modes.

Fable 2 was awesome! I love it, got an amazing charm to it.

Adolf Hitler3442d ago

One of my mates in the states wants to buy this bundle but he's worried that the Elites in the bundles are old non jasper systems, is this true?

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REALgamer3442d ago

Much better than some of the other bundles where it's just to get rid of overstocked games no-one wants.

Superfragilistic3442d ago

Awesome bundle.

But it pisses me off they don't support Rare like they do Lionhead. Why not chuck in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as well?

Immortal Kaim3442d ago

Cause I don't think anyone gave Nuts & Bolts, GotY? It is an awesome game though.

Superfragilistic3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

They only need to change the frickin name of the bundle! lol

Or just wack it in as a bonus bonus. ;)

Odion3442d ago

they have a really badass deal on right now with rare products

BK3 + VP2 + a wireless controller for 80 bucks!

REALgamer3442d ago

It's always Christmas when the 'family' bundles come out :

Kung Fu Panda + Lego Indy with Pro
Sega Superstars Tennis with Arcade

Viva Pinata (see? Rare game in a bundle) + Forza 2 with Pro

Then, in the mid-year they do the 'adult' bundles (free Halo Wars with 360 / Killzone 2 with PS3).

I'm sure Banjo will happen this Christmas since it will be sold for cheap then.

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gaminoz3442d ago

That's a pretty good bundle. I've seen some really awesome bundles out for the 360 since just before Christmas...multiple free games is awesome.

Godem3442d ago

sounds good! just as long as the games have a seperate case each, not that combined thing that Viva Pinata and Forza 2 had.

gaminoz3442d ago

No doubt it will have the combined case: Lego Indiana and Kung Fu did didn't it? I know the Sega Smash and Arcade games was also combined...

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