Why Halo franchise is not a sleeper

South Side Gamer writes "Every once in a blue moon there is a magical game series that will instantly sell no matter what it is. Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, possibly donkey kong games or ratchet and clank have this bizarre string of success that most gamers know about. The instantaneous urge to sell massive copies of games packed full of entertainment, replayability and most of all leaving the consumer pockets dry. This is a good thing, the greatest moment a developer could hope for."

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Foxgod4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

Why would anyone ever consider Halo to be a sleeper ?
Big sales means instant hit, Halo is on its way to beat all other franchises in a record time.

Where it took other franchises twenty years to sell a certain amount of copies, it takes Halo only 10, and with less iterations as well.

Theres only been 4 halo's the past 10 years, and the series continue's to get more and more promising.

Man_of_the_year4888d ago

I prepared to hear from a certain crowd "but GT series destroys Halo in sales" comments. Of course they ignore that GT 1-3 had virtually no competition in the market at the the time.