Save Points: Advent Children Complete (FFXIII Trial Version Set) Review

Wintrale writes: "Advent Children Complete is the Bluray release of Advent Children, the 2005 movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII. At its release, Advent Children was heralded as a masterpiece of animated cinematography - the action sequences where unlike any other with people, even to this day, referring to gravity defying battles with intense action as "very Advent Children-like". So how does the director's cut of the film fare? Does it add anything substantial to the disc everyone bought four years ago? Read on to find out not only my impressions of Advent Children Complete, but of the FFXIII demo as well.

"To those who loved this world and knew friendly company therein: This reunion is for you."

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- The Corrupt -4067d ago

Seen it about seven times now, overall... Seriously awesome stuff.

sonarus4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

its lonely here :(

meepmoopmeep4067d ago

FF:ACC looks INCREDIBLE in 1080p
the added scenes are so awesome as well!

addes special effects, more gore and blood.

the XIII demo is so awesome, loving the combat system

GUNS N SWORDS4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

i have the DVD box set version of the original and the import version of complete.

when i saw the DVD version i didn't like it all that much, the story was very confusing and the scenes kept on moving forward to quickly, and even SE knew that they rushed it.

now, complete on the other hand made me look at it differently, the zack scene at the beginning of the movie was replaced with a more lengthy explanation of their goals and destinations, denzel actually has a past and is given a real purpose to the story, the music is remixed a lot better, and Sephiroth is given a WAYYYYY better battle and death scene. (with most of the scenes being rehearsed)

i give the DVD version a 7.5/10 VS Complete a 9/10

meepmoopmeep4067d ago

yeah, Complete is less confusing with the added scenes.
explaining Denzel and such and others.

it really IS complete in a sense

GUNS N SWORDS4067d ago

frankly i'm just glad that they reconsidered redoing it, though i am still kinda not happy that they made cloud emo. over here in the US emo is a whole other world.

- The Corrupt -4067d ago

I agree... The film is now pretty much self-contained. I loved the greater concentration on Zack, especially after Crisis Core, since he is a major player in the plot yet got practically no recognition at all in the original cut.

meepmoopmeep4067d ago

zacks scenes were important to the film.
wish we could have seen more of him.

but overall, the film will still be confusing for people new to the series

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