Eurogamer: Bionic Commando Review

Eurogamer writes: "By the time I reached the end of that campaign, I was experiencing mixed emotions. GRIN has certainly taken the load off combat boots wearied by too many open worlds with great effect, but although you travel over rather than along them, they are still highways of debris passing beneath your feet, and all you are doing is pausing occasionally to dispatch the people you meet and consult the A-to-Z. The result, though stylish and engaging, is something rather more primitive than the more enjoyable battles - where the bionic swing and core combat work in closest collaboration - really deserve. Bionic Commando succeeds in resurrecting a good idea lost to the Capcom archives, and giving it a new lease of life, but it falls foul of a few old standards in the process".

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lord_of_balrogs3440d ago

Can't say I'm suprised the score is this low, in fact I expected it to be lower after playing that terrible multiplayer demo.

s8anicslayer3440d ago

Yeah I agree, my opinion of this game turned sour after that virtual gymnasium multiplayer demo, man that was really bad.

cayal3440d ago

7/10 isn't a low score.

- Ghost of Sparta -3440d ago

With Infamous, Red Faction Guerrilla, Prototype, Blazblue, Fight Night Round 4, and Cross Edge right around the corner, I won't even rent this garbage.

Unicron3440d ago

It's sad that in this day and age, 7 is considered a "low score" when its out of 10. Maybe they should just fix the scale already, and change the ratings from 70% to 100%, where anything less than 85% is a flop. Would save us plenty of time.

Also, hah, Eurogamer. I wonder how long they DIDN'T play this game for, like Darkfall. I don't see why anyone gives a damn about what they say.

Close_Second3440d ago

7/10 is a fine score for a budget game or something you download off PSN/XBL. It is not what I'd want to see for a full price game.

SL1M DADDY3440d ago

It's amongst other titles that score around 7. But when you have a dozen titles that score 8's or 9's, the 7's tend to look a little dated. Sorry, but scores are for critics and fan boys, if you really want to get the feel for a game, play it and rate it yourself. In the end, you are the best critic of your gaming.

Perjoss3440d ago

"It's sad that in this day and age, 7 is considered a "low score" when its out of 10"

I agree,
people can say what they want about Edge, but when they think a game is average (not rubbish) they give it a 5 or 6, in most cases on other websites and stuff a 5 or 6 is considered 'avoid at all costs'

too many 9's and 10's these days, those scores should be saved for games that take a particular genre to a new level.

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Mucudadada3440d ago

Actually not bad. I thought it was going to get lower. I'll have to maybe rent it or pick it up on budget. After all, do ya'll remember how thrilling the first time you played Spiderman 2 was?

Polluted3440d ago

Spiderman 2? Sssh. This is N4G. We're supposed to hate everything Treyarch touches, remember?

Mucudadada3440d ago

Lol! Sorry, I forgot my N4G manners. Let me edit my comment.


aldesko3440d ago

It's getting a wide range of reviews.. I'll probably check it out since I actually had a little fun with the MP demo.

spunnups3440d ago

I gotta atleast rent this. I think it has a great concept.

HDgamer3440d ago

I honestly forgot about this game.

I did not murder him3440d ago

The demo angered me it was so tacked on and bad.

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