Fact or fiction: PSThree Slim

Rumors hit the net earlier this week, indicating a slim PS3 was in production. PS3Center has worked tirelessly to try and set apart fact from fiction, read on for their full investigative report.

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gauntletpython4072d ago

sounds like it's essentially confirmed... if even maintek is pulling sites now, that essentially corroborates everything.

gauntletpython4072d ago

the concept image looks so much better than the actual pictures.

Panthers4072d ago

Those pictures comparing the sizes were fake. That was not the PS3 slim but the Funstation 3, a ripoff from China that plays crappy games.

This is what it will look like.

Real Gambler4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Main reason for slim would be cost reduction...

Sure, smaller die Cell is cheaper. Lower power consumption means cheaper power supply. But using a slim BluRay drive would bring the cost way back up. Since they still loose money on each ps3 sold, they would have came with same size PS3 (keeping same molding tools), and simply used a bigger hard drive (can find a 160gig-320gig for cheaper than your old 80gig), smaller fan, smaller power supply, cheaper full size bluray drive and cheaper cell. End result: Same size PS3, bigger hard drive than ever, lower overall manufacturing cost, so showing profit on each PS3 sold, while increasing sales by being able to lower sale cost.

One more thing: They would have likely used an external brick (less power needed, very small brick) for the power supply. So with a slim bluray drive, there's absolutely no need for the round top anymore. for heat dissipation. They would have made a flat top box, with heat circulation going from right to left or front to back. Absolutely no need for a convection heat circulation effect anymore. (External power supply means less heat inside. Smaller bluray drive, new cell, etc...) So definitively plain square box, no need for rounded top...

Mr Fancy Pants4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Please be a fact! I need a new PS3!!! Like right now!

Hydrolex4072d ago

anyone else feels the same ? COMOn feel the same

gauntletpython4072d ago

it's a bit too big for my tastes

gauntletpython4072d ago

i like the glossy piano black finish on the fattie though... let xbox keep the matte look =P

trancefreak4072d ago

Your right hydrolex but Sony needs to tighten up the manufacturing cost so looks will take a back seat in favor of sales and competitiveness.

The ps3 was the machine that was dogged by pricing because it had so many features and little details that makes or made it look so dang good. Now that will probably be a thing of the past but more likely u wont be looking @ the unit as much as you will be playing games like always.

This is what sony has to do IMO. Smaller electronic components and cheaper casing means more people will be owning a ps3 with an affordable price tag I assume. :)

redsquad4071d ago

I prefer the looks of my 'fatty', but I'd get a 'slim' for my bedroom where space is at a premium.

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Jumper10804072d ago

FACT: im tired of all these ps3 slim articles

gauntletpython4072d ago

they won't until they announce the damn thing

Queers of War4072d ago

It is space convenient for some people.

ElementX4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Fiction, for now. They could make a slimmer PS3 if they put in smaller fans but smaller fans move less air. Another thing would be to remove the built in power supply and use an external brick.

Microsoft Xbox 3604072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Replacing fans and converting the PSU to external aren't the only components they change when designing the slim. Most likely every internal part has reduced in sized.

Look at the original 60GB/20GB launch motherboard vs the new 65nm motherboard in the new 80GB/160GB SKU. It has gotten smaller significantly.

And it doesn't end there. Rumors have been going around since mid-last year that 45nm Cell/RSX chips were in development. Imagine an even smaller motherboard. Who knows, these new slim could also be fan-less like the PS2slim.

The BR drive would be the only biggest component left but it seems like Sony already covered that as well. This is a Sony Bluray drive for a notebook pc:

This is Sony were talking about here. I wouldn't doubt them having a working Slim prototype by now.

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