The Sims 3 Leaks Online

Nidzumi writes: It can't be a good day for EA, maybe someone opened an umbrella inside, as The Sims 3 has leaked over three weeks before it's retail release. This follows on from the news that Rock Band Unplugged for the piracy rampant PSP leaked nearly a month before release.

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dktxx23467d ago

It's bad enough pirating a game gets you it free of charge, but also 3 weeks earlier? thats some serious temptation right there.

cmacdonald3467d ago

3 weeks early might be a killer. A few days might not temp fans but 3 weeks is crazy.

evrfighter3467d ago

Good things are comin my way once I let the wife know...seeya guys tomorrow :)

-MD-3467d ago

"Honey I stole this game for you"

"How thoughtful"

BRG90003467d ago

This game's broad (read: casual) appeal should help it through this though. Your average Sims player isn't going to hear its leaked or know how to find/use it if they do. They're going to see the commercials, know they enjoyed Sims 2, and head to Walmart or Best Buy to pick it up.

free2game3653466d ago

Most of the audience for The Sims don't even know what Bittorents are.

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Monk3y3467d ago

i was thinking about the same thing! ^

neoxdonut3467d ago

Sweet three weeks before it's release, I mean... Pirating games is bad.

PinkUni3467d ago

is good

one more step towards communism

Kakkoii3467d ago

And your 1 more step towards retardation.

f7897903467d ago

It replaced two of my games that refused to reinstall on my new computer.

theox2g73467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

and yet this game will go on to sell 10 Gazillion copies, jeez, pointless article, It's the friggin best selling pc franchise of all time, The main market for this game isn't tech savvy enough to pirate this game, It'll still sell bucketloads, heck, look at the NPD charts, You'll still decade old Sims games on there, Those things are like crack for moms and girls

100 million copies of Sims games sold, And that's with only 2 major games and 7 spin-offs that all flopped and lost support, Meaning the lionshare of sales was for Sims 1 and 2, Sims 3 will be a beast

Piracy has been there since the Doom days, I don't see why people make so much sensationalism out of it now, When things haven't really changed, It's still pretty hard to pin down a logical pattern that actually shows a plausible correlation between piracy and sales, Just look at Spore, Crysis that sold millions with significantly higher piracy rates than other games, And other games like Alone in the Dark that had almost zero piracy with its dreaded draconian protection and yet sold poorly, Quality and appeal sells regardless of piracy, until i see some hard evidence that proves otherwise, I'm not saying piracy has 0 effect on sales, but it isn't the earth shattering difference the media makes it out to be and they'll keep singing the same song pc gaming is dead 20 years from now like they've been doing for the past decade and it won't change a damn thing

LeeZer3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

i downloaded this yesterday to see what it's like. my girlfriend loves the sims series. i've bought her both the last ones and i'm damn sure she'll end up with 3 when it comes out. I only downloaded it to see if there was any real improvement in this to the last one, and yest it's a significant as useuall to get the latest version when it comes out. I totally agree with theo with the target audiance not being hardcore tech savvy users and more casual useers who don't care for piracy as they don't buy enough games to warrant the piracy root. i'm also quite suprised that there hasn't been a leak sooner as i was speaking to a couple of conected industry testers and reviewers and they all told me that they played pretty much complete versions way back at the end of last year before december.

also the game industry is only just catching up with the piracy problem, movies and music has suffered for years with this leak problem with many movies and cd's becoming avalable months before release. i remeber a few game for the ps1 that i had early. the best example i can think of was teken 3 japaness version witch i had about 3 months before japaness release and about 9 months before europian release.

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