Gamespy: Mass Effect Q&A

Few games have ever shown as much potential to simultaneously redefine a genre and push the medium forward. Gamespy recently had the chance to learn more about this incredibly ambitious game from Casey Hudson, Project Director at BioWare.

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OldSchoolGamer4274d ago

great read, this is one of those games that will change RPG's forever.

THAMMER14274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

I agree with you 100% and more. This game gives me the twitch. You know that feeling in your fore arms and fingertips right before a you get a adrenalin rush. I'm too amped for this game I know.

I will be pissed if it takes game of the year away from Halo 3 but I will get over that because I will have them both in my library. I was hoping for online co-op or death match, but even with out that element this games will put the the shoe to every gamers nutts who buys it.

Double-Edged4274d ago

i smell game of the year

Gears was game of the year...
Next is this....

Amazed on how gaming evolved