Sony Yellow Lights of death hits

Sony has always been considered the reliable hardware brand when compared with Microsoft's offering, however this misconception has allowed the Playstation 3's hardware failings to fly under the radar somewhat. Namely the yellow lights of death. With the official PS3 forum and sites such as Kotaku and gamespot having posts regarding this and the possible link with the PSN Firmware update, experiences its own yellow light trauma.

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Ratchet_Co4070d ago

Supposedly the older consoles are having problems. But this goes with all electronics, if millions of people have a certain electronic a number will fail. I don't think its THAT serious enough to call it a "misconception" though.

saggyscrote4070d ago

Look at the source Kotaku, lol

Enough said

Take this with a pinch of salt

Trollimite4070d ago

how far have we fallen. i cant believe i live in a world where this is considerd news.

i hope this changes soon.

prunchess4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I describe what happened with my PS3 and Sony this week. Luckily for me I had just bought my son his own 80 gig PS3 this week (no Backward compatibility or card readers, dang it) for his birthday. So I am not without a PS3 though I might not give it to him now. It all depends on how the repair goes.

EDIT - before my post winds up on another page I'll put it under this edit.

"The author just described what I went through with Sony only this week. This is absolutely not an uncommon problem. Sony technical help were no help at all and tried to sting me for a 160 euro for what is now an emerging design fault that mainly affects the 60 gig PS3 model. It happened a couple of hours after the latest firmware update.

I opted for a 2ND party console repair shop here based in Ireland. (Irish PS3 owners suffering this problem PM me and if the repair is successful I'll give you the shop number) The owner told me that he had seen a spike in 60 gig PS3 models that were turning off 'beep - red light followed by a brief yellow light and blinking red light'.

I had so many photos, mp3s and save files on my PS3 that I was willing to chance his repair rather than get a refurb for 160 euro.

Absolutely gutted by this hardware failure. I spent big money on my launch model 60 gig PS3 the day it released. I expected better from Sony.

Before any fellow PS3 owners claim that this is not common or that I am trolling, just check my previous posts on N4G and then do a search for YLOD on the PS3 forums in the EU and US official playstation site. You'll see my story is anything but unique. "

IrishRepublicanArmy4070d ago

suddenly claim there imaginary ps3 got the rare ylod!!
some people ehh

IrishRepublicanArmy4070d ago

the rrod is 205 pages long
the ylod is 22 pages long. lol

Raz4070d ago

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy playing games on my launch PS3 that has been subject to little more than a few rare screen freezes (which rebooting fixes).

Which is more than I can say for the majority of 360s out there.

Elimin84070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I have the 60GIG® "320" and must admit on Three occasions, updates 2.40 and 2.76 I have had and issues where the game either freezes, restarts or go off. I am however lucky though that all I had to do was turn the system off from the back then turn it on again. wish there was some way to detect what really causes it because first time i was playing burnout paradise after first 2.40 update second was trying to install 2.76 it quit and I had to start over third was killzone2. I think it is more than just the update.. but hey who knows... my Bro's own just kicked on him still works but doesn't read any disks he has the same as mine but he got his 3 weeks after i did. got mine from bestbuy his from circuit city. was playing Fifa online and he heard a noise then it crapped out well so he says.

antt34070d ago

So basically because this guy had a system failure, it's suddenly newsworthy? Sounds to me like he was mad and needed a sounding board for his anger.

This stuff happens. It's why there are extended warranties. Yeah, it sucks when you're the one who ends up with a bricked system, but it only happens to a mere fraction of consumers. So...get over it.

prunchess4070d ago

Nice to see that there are other Irish Republicans on this site. :)

Back to console talk, I'm sure if I had bought a 360 I would be on my 5th or 6th by now but I bought a PS3 because I still have a launch model PS2 that my son uses. That's 9 years now and still going. 26 months is just not good enough for a console life span, whoever made it. Sony SHOULD have offered me a replacement free of cost. I do not believe that they are unaware of this problem.

JoySticksFTW4070d ago

Sony must be doing something right. Their E3 line-up must be particularly impressive this year.

You guys know that we mostly see stuff like this during Sony's big game releases and announcements :)

I did not murder him4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I remember reading over a year ago about Sony shipping a whole shipment of PS3's to some Asian country and a high percentage of them were faulty and Sony secretly handled the problem making sure the media wouldn't find out the story. It only made it to one media source and Sony had them remove the story after only a few hours.

Vacuuming has nothing to do with PS3's issues, the system software is unstable. The system errors and the inconsistent performance with system software and retail/DLC software is often.

What a hassle and a shame Sony will try to do this to people again making them pay so much money and will hide the problem until too many people make noise. I don't think showing Neogaf links matters.

Good lord its like 10 different people with 10 accounts each took my bubbles. I guess thats why Ghost of Sparta PM'ed me about my bubbles when he has never replied to me in the comment section.

No Way4070d ago

What were you sayin? Sorry.. I was busy playing on my launch x360.
Not all x360s are broken. My PS3 is working just wonderful, too.
Some of you seem to.. forget(?), although you boast about it enough,
That the x360 has a year lead over the PS3. So if this does become a big problem,
We will start to hear about it more, soon enough. Although I hope this isn't the case.

solidt124070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I own a 360 and a PS3. I been through 2 360's and I could not believe that my PS3 got the yellow light in Feb. It was a launch 20 gig PS3. The people at Sony were cool though. My PS3 wasn't under warranty anymore so I had to ship my broke PS3 in and pay 150 to get a new one which isn't all that bad. They told me a good preventative measure is to vacuum out the vents with an attachment every once in a while because its the dusk that get them hot. I did that and there was alot of dusk in that broke system so just take not and your launch system should be fine

Also make sure you do back ups regularly, that saved my butt.

Anon19744070d ago

It's just a guy's blog about his experience with a faulty PS3. I could right a blog that would curl your short hairs about my experiences with MS customer support and the time and money wasted there - but I wouldn't dream of posting it on here as a legitimate news article.

4070d ago
spandexxking4070d ago

it probably happens due to over-heating from the dust that get built up in it. ive recently took apart my launch ps3 and cleaned it out. the dust builds up really bad on the fan and cooling blades and was causing the fans to ramp up. now my ps3 runs like a charm.

prunchess4070d ago

My PS3 was vacuumed regularly. My wife is a compulsive cleaner so there was never much dust about my PS3. Due to the amount of wires around the back of my LCD TV she always hassled me to clean that area. So I can vouch that the PS3 was kept clean. I can't vouch for what the interior of it would look like (I'll ask the repair man).

From what I've been reading online this could be a problem with the adhesive used to attach the heat sinks to the cell. If so the re-application of this adhesive could sort out my PS3. FINGERS CROSSED.

Jaces4070d ago

Yea I remember reading about that too over a year ago when it happened in some Asian country.

Pretty crazy.


Immortal Kaim4070d ago

Seeing as I'm getting my PS3 within the next month or so, this isn't something I should worry about right? I'm sick to death of sending away my 360 (4 times), I couldn't stand any more faulty hardware.

It sounds like firmware updates 'may' cause problems, I guess it's best to wait a couple of days after they release an update, just incase.

btw, what type of warranty does the PS3 have?

prunchess4070d ago

Wouldn't you know 'I did not murder him' would turn up on this thread. Your a troll that's why you have no bubbles. How many duplicate accounts have you run down to 1 bubble by now?

IrishRepublicanArmy4070d ago

Tachyon_Nova has now got over 300 disagrees on his first comment on the uncharted 2 gameplay
video posted yesterday!! and over 1000 wen u add his other comments on that news post!!
a new n4g record i believe!!

evrfighter4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

"It's just a guy's blog"

You have been @ the same n4g I've been at lately right?

Does it really surprise you, or did you just not really care since about 90% of news being submitted here lately has been pro ps3?

@ Irish above

Zomg! KEWL STORY BRO!!!!1111!1

irish-leprecaun4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

i hate the rare ylod

IrishRepublicanArmy4070d ago

oh i wish i had more bubbles so i could talk to you guys forever..................

CryWolf4070d ago

Sony PS3 yellow light of death is not a serious problem like M$ RROD plus ps3 system is more reliable then M$ 360 system, look at the facts I mean 90 or 95% of web sites are talking more about 360 RROD then they are talking about sony YLOD and thats like all most 1 or 2% or maybe 3% tops, who is more reliable company that tests there products in instead of releasing a mass up peace of hardware for gamers out early instead of thorough testing there system seriously.

I did not murder him4070d ago

Yeah I made it up so I can increase the radical PS3 fan resentment.

I love it


xbollox4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

i have a launch 60GB PS3, I abuse it every single day, it [email protected] at least 2 or 3 nights / week and I haven't had a single problem except 1 freeze-reboot playing uncharted: that's it!

Most of my friends now own PS3s and not a single has had the yellow light of bullsh!t. Now I know a lot of people including quite a few of these happy PS3 owners who have also owned 360s and only a hands full of them hasn't had at least 1 RROD and many of them have had several.

Good try:

the reality is you're 100x more likely to fail with a 360.
and if you take into account the XBL subscription, a PS3 is cheaper than a 360, period.

Moving on.

neogeo4070d ago

it was a 20gig launch system, almost lasted 2 yrs. BUT LET ME BE CLEAR. I was mean to that poor system, dropped it twice, kept it in a closed non vented area, used it during a heat wave, never turned it off, let it collect tons of dust and drove it from california to delaware in the back of my car.

but it aéé turned out for the best. i gave it to my friend and he sent it to sony to get refereb, they sent him back the same system. so he got a ps3 for 150.

my other friend gave me a 40gig unit. it wont play ps2 but its way more quiet and my electric bill is like 25 less per month. still love ps3

Squirtforce4070d ago

Out of the six people I know with ps3's, four of them have had to be sent back, including my own. I just got the YLOD on my 60GB launch model a week ago, so I tried the reflow fix, and when it failed after two days I had to send mine in to Sony. Of course it's out of warranty, so I get to pay the 150 bucks. Its been said before, but it seems like PS3's have a similar issue as the Xbox, but it takes a bit more time for it to finally happen.
Also, I babied my PS3, kept it in a very well ventilated space as well as keeping it dust free and vacuumed every few weeks. Quite a bummer, but hopefully I get it back before inFamous.

navysealrb4070d ago

month after launch (dec. 15, 2006) and mines never giving me anything wrong except an occasional freeze but thats rare unlike this fall BS, so say what you want about the faulty hardware from launch ps3's but the truth is, is that they didn't fail a week after launch like the 360's and never had a 33% chance failure so why make this into a big deal when every piece of hardware has a chance of failing, nothing is perfect

ZuperAmazingCooKie4070d ago

"1.27 - @Jaces"
"Yeah I made it up so I can increase the radical PS3 fan resentment. "

"I love it "

"/Sarcasm "

So why don't you prove it instead? Your credibility is null, so you do have to prove it. If you weren't a 14 year old fanboy, that would be another story.

I did not murder him4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

You have to pull it out of your arse and read the comment.

menoyou4070d ago

More sensational wording to attract hits indeed

lokiroo4204070d ago

hahahhahahahahahaha forum posts!

Traveler4070d ago

All electronics devices have a certain percentage that fail.

The only thing I know for sure is that my 360 has died on me three times, while my PS3 has never had a problem. Also, it seems like half the people I know with 360s have had it fail on them at one point. I think it is obvious that the the 360s RROD problems are on another whole level compared to other consoles.

harrisk9544070d ago

Bottom line is that Sony has never denied that there is about a 3 percent failure rate on PS3s (and on Wiis for that matter). That is a far cry from the systemic problems that continue to occur on the 360. As we know reports for 360 failures is anywhere from 30 to 40 percent. Anytime there is a mass produced product, be it technology, automobiles or food, there is a certain amount of failures that will occur. Considering that there have been more than 22 million PS3s sold worldwide, the failure rate of 3 percent is statistically negligible (as is the Wii failure rate), as opposed to the 360.

RememberThe3574070d ago

And they all happen it week ago...


JHUX4069d ago

It would not be the first thing you made up to try and bash the ps3.
For the rare cases that your ps3 does break down, it does suck I have felt your pain :( haha. Had an 80gb with BC die on me, but Sony shipped me the box and had it back with in about a week, same model so I got to keep my BC :) I would argue to the death if they tried to charge me the $150 fee for out of warranty repair, even though in a lot of cases it won't get you anywhere, you may get a nice surprise.

VaNdAl4069d ago

The Fall of a Colossus

Jaces4069d ago

Glad your admitting it.

And for the record I did notice you were being sarcastic but I find you to funny to take seriously.

phosphor1124069d ago

Happens on launch consoles mostly. You SHOULD get your own PS3 back, my friend had a 60 gig..thats what he got back. Also, if it shats on you. Pull out the HDD, get a 10-20 USD external case, transfer the data over to your PC. You should be fine.

I love video games4069d ago

i got my ps3 a month after it came out, i played it alot, almost everyday. it broke this past jan. yellllllow light of death, i also had a ps1 and ps2 that i played the hell out of and the still work (except the ps1 because my bro spilled pop in it)

commodore644069d ago


Well on the one hand you can buy a ps3 and expect it to be more reliable.

On the other hand, if you are of the unlucky few ps3 owners that DOES get the YLOD, then goodbye $200.

Kinda makes one wish for a 3 year warranty, huh?


Highatus4069d ago

*In Response to Vandal's posted vid 'The Fall of a Colossus'*

For the love of god people... DO NOT USED COMPRESSED AIR TO CLEAN ELECTRONICS, especially ones that have some sort of optical device inside of it.

Air compressors trap moisture inside the tanks and you'll be spraying water as well as spreading the dust (and assuring cling from the water)to the entire internal components of the device.

Use a Vacuum... that is the only true way to 'remove' the dust.

Pika-pie4069d ago

"Playstation 3s hardware failings fly under the radar"

Yeah, because their failure rate is not 1 in 3

SeNiLe9114069d ago

I just talked with a friend tonight that his PS3 a few weeks ago was not reading his disks anymore and come to find out from him it's the laser and that there are tons having this problem from what he has read on the net. He sent it off to get fixed for $100 from some guy advertising on the web. Not covered under warranty anymore, a 2007 model.

uie4rhig4069d ago

but it's very very very VERY rare (it's within industry standards and if im correct, industry standards is less then 1%)
electronic products always have a certain percentage that fails.. my ps3 died with YLOD, but sony replaced my original 60GB UK launch PS3 for free and without any problems OUTSIDE the one year warranty period..

just thought i'd give a headsup


cherrypie4069d ago

The PS2 was horribly unreliable, everyone knows this. PS2 has DRE. PS3 has Yellow Lights of Death (YLOD).

It has simply taken some time for the install base and time-in-market for the PS3's Yellow Lights of Death (YLOD) problem to manifest itself.

PS3's YLOD isnt new or a suprise frankly.

chelcho4069d ago

Does any one want to buy my YLOD-ed 60GB EU console? Console broke out 2 weeks ago after 25 months and I have no warranty. None can fix it. I bought 80GB model, but had lost all my saves and 400 euro. I really feel f***ed by sony.
My another problem is freezing on-line KZ2. I didn't have this problem with Warhawk and Resistance2. Any one can help me with this issue?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4069d ago

Spin it, you guys are good at it.

SaiyanFury4069d ago

I updated both of my PS3s to the new firmware and I've not had a problem. I hope those that have the problem can resolve it.

LiquifiedArt4069d ago

I've upgraded it to 160gig (99$) and never had a problem. I keep the machine well ventilated and blow the dust out of it every couple weeks. I heard many of these problems really comes down to a sector of the HDD becoming corrupted. If you format your HDD and or Clean the blu-ray laser (using cleaning Disks) it will most likely fix these problems.

stunt2134069d ago

it happens to me on thursday too, now my ps3 got teh yellow light of deaths. I was fairly dissapointed since i been a true sony fan since ps 1

prunchess4069d ago


There are (were) two PS3's in my house. I have more Sony gear at home than most of the idiots posting here and that are constantly referring to the 360 and the RROD.





syanara4069d ago

does anyone have the actual failure rates of each console?

cause when xbox 360 started out i know it was 33.3%

and when the PS3 started out it was 0.02%

what are they now i wonder? cause if you think about it 0.02% of ps3's failing would equal roughly 4447 consoles failed over the PS3's lifetime.

I know 2 of those people so is it just me or the odds of me knowing 2 out of the 4447 people in the world who have gotten a YLOD seem kinda bad??

thats why i would be intrested to know the failure rates

matarchy4069d ago

Does no body remember the troubles with the ps2. I went through 4. It would not surprise me if the ps3 ends up having issues too.

JokesOnYou4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

33% 360 fail rate is BS...I've never seen any research for that figure= pure speculation, guess, random quote from some sony fan, taken as fact on n4g

The only real attempted research I've seen was from a company called Squared Trade which put 360 initial fail rate at 16.4%
As noted in the article even this figure is likely to be skewed because these are likely high usage gamers who sought out a warranty. Aslo if you research a bit there are reports of it being less than 10% currently but really most of what I read wasn't solid research, just a variety of speculation.

"However, as an industry, consumer electronic failure rates over 3 years commonly exceed 15 percent. Like others, we have read the failure rate for Xbox is 30 percent or higher. We haven't seen that yet, but it is clearly plausible that this 16 percent failure rate we see will increase with claims over time." -Squared Trade CEO Steve Abernethy

-So according to Square Trade there is no evidence to suggest anything close to 30%.

-So far there hasn't been any real research done on ps3's YLOD percentage. I guess thats why based on the growing complaints he suggest its "flying under the radar" so to speak.


DrJones4069d ago

This is all just so whiney. 0,01% failure rate?
Like I care

Nineball21124069d ago

How about this link JOY? Just did a google and there it was....

LoVeRSaMa4069d ago

1) When the Sky turns Red and the planets align.
2) When the moon turns blue.
3) When hell has a climate disaster and frezes over.

If you see hints of any of these problems, please constact Sony customer support on 666-666-666.


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Marceles4070d ago

lol @ Kotaku...of course

pippoppow4070d ago

What a surprise huh. They have to try and sling some mud before E3 because they know Sony is going to have an awesome E3 showing.

MGOelite4070d ago

how is this news lol have you seen the site its coming from

Last Likely Lad4070d ago

And why does that matter if the guy has had this happen to is console does it matter who he is or what his site is?

MGOelite4070d ago

u not noticed that you dont see sites like IGN or GT saying out about RROD or YLOD both are so over exsagerated

cronaldo74070d ago

IGN made a video about RRoD

Snake Raiser4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Well i'm not surprised. Even if a million PS3's broke it would still only be a failure rate of about 5%. So DUH your going to find hundreds of people complaining.
So how many 360's would have to break for the failure rate to be 30%?

Last Likely Lad4070d ago

typical fanboy comment.