Alienware has E3 2009 announcement plans

E3 2009 seems to be bringing back at least a few PC hardware companies. Intel and Nvidia are listed as exhibiting on the show floor and Dell's Gaming unit (that means Alienware) is also listed as showing up at the show. But there's evidence that Dell-Alienware are prepping a major E3 announcement.

Alienware recently sent word about a new web site called with a Flash-driven animation set up, alien letters and countdown clock that will run out on June 2. That just happens to be the first official day for E3 2009. You can sign up to get a email notice about whatever it is they are planning to reveal. Until then, watch and wait.

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Kakkoii3440d ago

They are like the Apple of the PC gaming world. Overpriced designer PC's. Their probably struggling with more and more people deciding to go with putting together their own computer instead of $500 for them to do it lol.

xwabbit3440d ago

I agree that they r pver priced but i bought 1(laptop) and after 1 year when my school made them mandatory for 12th grade my friends bought dells with dual core and and 2GB of ram while i had 1 core and 1GB and mine still started faster and open task faster + all of theirs started to have probs the same year LOL and mine was 2 years old, right now its 4 years old, and i have left it out getting dust, pressed the power button yesterday and it started perfectly again. I dk wth they do with their laptops but they build it perfect. While my friends keep having probs with their comps over the years mine has stayed strong with no probs.

Kakkoii3439d ago

Yeah, never buy a Dell or most of those basic home computer sellers. The OS is filled with bloatware and is usually the basic poor performing version and with poor quality parts inside. It's no wonder your friends PC's performed like sh!t.

And Alienware is good at cramming a TON of performance into a laptop, more than any other company does. It just comes at a hefty price.

Kamikaze1353440d ago

A price increase in all of their hardware? Lol

timestoby3440d ago

with alienware you gotta pay for the looks as long as wots inside.i for one would pay abit more for the looks and lights lol

Kakkoii3440d ago

Not really, since there is such an abundance of awesome cases you can buy from sites like newegg. And can fill them with even more LED lit things lol.

CrayzeeCarl3440d ago

Exactly. You can skip Alienware and buy your own fancy case for < $100.

karan86243440d ago

Wow, first the Konami website, now this... They love building pointless suspense. Konami, maybe, but what the hell could Alienware announce that is so epic?

WAIT! MAYBE ALIENWARE IS MAKING A CONSOLE...that would be pretty cool

Twitchz0r3440d ago

"Let Armageddon Begin".. thats what that code is decyphered.. im hoping they dont mean on our wallets!