Now You're Playing with Power Metal

Gamer Limit writes, "For many years I've been an appreciator of video game music. From the bleeps and bloops of Sonic and Mario to the symphonic glory of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, I've always known there is something special about game music. Alongside game music, the driving ferocity of metal has been the forerunner of my "conventional" musical taste for a comparable amount of time. This is the story about how those two worlds met in perfect harmony."

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Ziriux3441d ago

I started loving the music in games ever since Halo Combat Evolved included some of the best in my opinion.

chrisjc3441d ago

They need to have more power metal in rhythm games. At least Yngwie makes an appearance in Rock Band.

Ziriux3441d ago

You deserve a bubble for that comment.

I like how they included the Halo 3 Theme song in Guitar Hero III.

Fullish3441d ago

pft power metal is overrated.

xabmol3441d ago

Heck, I think everything needs more of The Metal.

METtAL-GAMER3440d ago

Yeeeeaaaaahhh metal!!!
The halo theme was alright.
Nothing compared to blind guardian though.