Is Metal Gear Solid 4 The Pinnacle of Gaming?

When Metal Gear Solid 4 came out it had a lot of hype around the game with the return of Solid Snake as the main character, and the promise from Kojima that this game would wrap up the the story of Solid Snake. Well Kojima and his team at Konami lived up to the hype and delivered a cinematic experience that will be treasured for the ages by all gamers.

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cmrbe3538d ago

no other game come close to MGS4.

MURKERR3538d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

heavenly sword got me for emotion aswell,uncharted for just polishing the third person shooter to a shine,kz2 just for sheer technical awesomeness, metal gear of course for vision,motorstorm for heart pounding online fun

and dont forget heavy rain could surpass all for story telling, ive jus had a great time this gen and its not because of one game but a variety..

cmrbe3537d ago

Perhaps i over excgrated but the reason why i say no other game comes close is because MGS4 is unlike any other game i played before.

MGS4 changed the way i viewed games. You play other games like Fallout 3, COD4 they all feel like your average game that you played before, with MGS4 its different. Its a completely different expereince for me gaming wise.

Spike473538d ago

There are so many things that make MGS4 one of the best games this gen. Only complaint I hear is about the cutscenes. Seriously, since when did that become a problem? Since MGS4 was released exclusively on the PS3? Yes.

heyheyhey3538d ago

this gen... definitely

all time.. it's up there

George Sears3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

The series at whole is really the pinnacle of story telling and incredible cinematic cutscenes mixed with ground breaking music and perfect voice over rendition.

To put it on simple terms, the MGS series revolutionized the gaming industry by overshadowing the stereotypical terms of this form of entertainment not being as sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by the general consensus. It showed that video games can have an awesome story and at the same time, provide fun and interactive entertainment.

This series is what made me a "Hardcore" gamer and although I'm not a fanboy in console terms, this game made me a fanboy of itself. (As in I am a huge fan of the series.)

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