Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Ads Via Twitter?

PS3Vault: 'A funny thing happened over the last few hours. I apparently started getting added by characters from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my Twitter. These people are Daichi, Gin, Isamu and Katsu. This might not technically be PS3-related, but it's definitely worth reporting.

If you head on over and look at their Twitter pages, you'll notice...'

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Myst3439d ago

Uh-oh capcom is slowly starting to advertise, although would be nice to see a TV spot or something; I hope I won't ultimately have to pre-order or arrive early to get the game.

P.S. I hate that Tigrex! :)

wazzim3438d ago

then Monster Hunter is finally popular in the west(!) but you can't get a copy because of the huge sales :(