Bonus Round: Microsoft E3 2009 Preview writes "E3 is right around the corner and this week our panel debates this year's show and how it has changed in years past. Why is Microsoft being so tight-lipped this year about their announcements? Is Sony planning to unveil a brand new PSP…and what about the PS3 price cut? Whether we're discussing which third party title will rule supreme, or if Nintendo will finally appease the hardcore, this episode of the Bonus Round gives you an E3 preview! Also, did your user-question get featured? Find out!"

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Lifendz3466d ago

I watched Nintendo's conference last year and swore I'd never do that again. Even though I don't own a 360, MS is known for dropping bombs at E3 and I will be watching their show. Here's to megatons all around!

green3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

I think Nintendo will actually shock people this year by having a very good E3 show.They even admitted last year that their E3 presentation was terrible so i doubt they will be much better this year.They will not abandon their casual base but they will mix it by showing one or two games that will appeal immensely to the hardcore audience.

As for Microsoft, i just want a big budget, high quality sequel to Perfect Dark,gameplay footage and release date for Alan Wake and Forza motorsport 3.Those 3 and any other game will be highly welcomed.

Chicken Chaser3466d ago

The gameinformer guy said left 4 dead sequel might appear at E3. Now thats what i'm talking about!

pshizle3466d ago

nuclear bombs from sony and microsoft.

E3 2009 will be the climax between the two.