Big Gaming News Coming Next Week

Although E3 2009 may be getting closer, many gaming companies aren't waiting that long to make announcements. Next week will be a busy one with the next Kojima Productions game being revealed, a blowout of Heavy Rain information and much more.

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SnuggleBandit3467d ago

ya i'm siked, especially about heavy rain! also can't wait to see if sev is the real deal or not lol

Gambit073466d ago

Switch "chocolate" to "heavy" and that's how much I'm psyched about the game, whatever that means!

Myst3467d ago

+Grandia Online
+Kojima's Project
+Heavy Rain information
+RED game (Gungrave was pure fun on the PS2)

All I can say is I'm glad it's summer, and school can't distract me from reading or watching the news of the games.

Ps_alm3k3466d ago

the next Tenchu!!! bring it on and online with your customization fetish.

Traveler3466d ago

Oh yes, I hope we get a new Tenchu!

RememberThe3573466d ago

I think I prefer light rain. It's easier to drive in.

: )

Proxy3466d ago

Easy is boring.

Heavy rain is fun to drive in.

GameGambits3466d ago

As long as Heavy Rain doesn't play like Indigo I'll probably get excited for it. In general though I'm excited for the media buzz happening for gaming right now. Hopefully this weeks GameTrailers has some good stuff for Heavy Rain to get people blown away.

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