GCN's Top 10 must-have Playstation 3 exclusive games

Gaming Console Network breaks out their own personal "Top 10 Playstation 3 must-have exclusive titles" for those gamers out there that may have just purchased a Playstation 3 gaming system in the past few weeks and may have missed out on some great PS3 titles.

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ugabugaz3444d ago

Not related to topic. I keep getting an error when trying to PM you the instructions..

NNNW3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

were you the guy who shared the infamous demo account?

WhittO3444d ago

Erm, they put Socom above Uncharted and MGS4 ?!


The best game i have ever played on my ps3, meaning i just couldnt put it down as i was so hooked (no loading screens helped with the not-stopping lol) is Uncharted. It had a really interesting story, amazing visuals and amazing audio, just an amazing game.

Second, i know i am going to get disagrees, but i really loved Heavenly Sword, it reminded me alot of Uncharted in the great story and visuals/audio, except it did have less exciting/more repetitive gameplay, i was just hooked on the story and Nariko, was one of the first games to make me feel for a character lol. I played through the entire game in one playthrough ! because again, no loading screens (if you dont skip cutscenes). The quality of the game was just amazing, just a shame the gameplay wasnt as good as Uncharted.
The mini animated episodes released for the game were also fantastic and gave alot of background story.

VERY Close third is MGS4.

farhsa20083444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

yes i am

fishd3444d ago

Lack of flower broke my heart:'(

jwatt3444d ago

I wil vouch for Socom, the game was full of problems at first but is now one of the best online games for the ps3. There is no game on the ps3 that has more people communicating with mics than Socom.

red2tango3444d ago

Socom is the best online game. Talk sh*t all you want people, no game is as good online as this.

Panthers3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I am loving Socom at #2. That game never gets the love it deserves. It is the only game I play regularly (meaning daily). I have been since the beta too. The problems are nearly all gone and the next patch = win!

@jwatt- In Socom 2 we would vote people out for not having a mic. I dont know if that still happens, but most people will be very upset with you for not having a mic on their team.

chidori6663444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

killzone 2 rules.

kz2 is one the best game of ps3 along of mgs4,uncharthed, and much others.

badz1493444d ago

even for me, it's hard to judge for most exclusives are AWESOME! but MGS4 totally deserves a place in top 3! if it's me, then;

1. MGS4 (too awesome not to be played BY EVERY GAMER!)
2. Uncharted (best new IP! AAA gameplay + story + gorgeous graphics!)
3. Killzone 2 (simply amazing!! best FPS at least on PS3! CoD4 what?)
4. Warharwk (the most fun arcade war game on the market!)
5. LBP (infinite replay value)
6. R&C Future ToD (a HUGE fan and this game sold the PS3 to me!)
7. SOCOM (albeit buggy at launch, now it's a BLAST!)
8. Resistance FOM / Resistance 2 (FOM better SP, R2 excellent MP)
9. Motorstorm / Motorstorm PR (Best arcade offroad racing EVER!)
10.Heavenly Sword (everybody should play this at least once!)

that's the list from games I own only! GAM3 B3YOND guys!!

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MaximusPrime3444d ago

nice list. when Uncharted 2 come out, id love to see that listed as top 3.

Damn that game looks awesome!

aldesko3444d ago

Pretty good list.. if it were mine I would probably keep everything but SingStar and SOCOM and add Valkyria Chronicles and probably R&C... or wait a week for inFamous =p

Abash3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Where's Ratchet and Clank Future? MotorStorm: Pacific Rift? SIREN? Valkyria Chronicles?

Campy da Camper3444d ago

No Ratchet and Clank? EPIC FAIL to the 10th Power.

chidori6663444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

they mentioned motostorm pr and siren....

Honorable mentions: Siren: Blood Curse, Motor Storm, Motor Storm: Pacific Rift, Super Stardust HD (PSN), Noby Noby Boy (PSN), Wipeout HD (PSN), Flower (PSN), Burn Zombie Burn! (PSN), The Last Guy (PSN), High Velocity Bowling (PSN), PAIN (PSN), any of the Pixel Junkie games (PSN).

Abash3444d ago

The titles that I said were definitely worth making a spot on the top 10. That's what I meant.

Brixxer6003444d ago

Definitely agree with Valkyria Chronicles , that game deserves to sell much more , let's hope they make a sequel.

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