APB Devs Working On Another Game?

Kotaku writes:

"So that headline's probably stating the obvious. I would imagine there are lots of studios working on something besides what they've already announced.

But with Realtime Worlds well into development of APB, and the original Crackdown under their belt you can't help but wonder, are they hard at work on Crackdown 2?

The recent interest stems from a digital resume someone posted on LinkedIn and pointed out by Superannuation. The resume, said to be for Ross Nicoll, breaks down the current audio design lead at Ruffian Games' experience."

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jack who3444d ago

june 1 couldnt come fast nuff

ape0073444d ago

the first game was brilliant

iDystopia3444d ago

I had so much fun playing co-op with friends and flying across the rooftops and climbing the skyscrapers.

Ahhh, the memories...

3444d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro3444d ago

Lots of rumors that Crackdown 2 is coming at this years e3. Getting really excited about the 360's e3 presentation. :)

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