Tatsunoko vs. Capcom may have online, release window confirmed, more

Nintendo Power has confirmed a few details about the North American release of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, including the scheduled launch window for release.

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bigjclassic3445d ago

I had it since it launched in Japan in Dec 08. Adding online and a few new characters would be great. Will I buy it again? Hell Yes, since I own SFII like 4 times, lol!!

Now where is TvC2 for Japan??

Myst3445d ago

Well I sure hope it will have some online aspect to it, the thing I'm most concerned about is the new characters, would they be sacrificing some of the original (Japanese) version ones for one from over here? Or just adding some more characters to the roster? Either way I'm just glad capcom has taken the jump to bringing this title over.

Trey4Lyfe3445d ago

online and adding new fighters would sweeten the deal, but im getting it regardless.

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phantomexe3445d ago

Am i the only one that has know idea what tatsunoko is?Is it a jap cartoon,is it a good game i missed long ago?Really i don't know help me out here.

N4g_null3445d ago

At least rent it some of these characters are way too cool to miss, power wise.

Myst3445d ago

Tatsunoko is a Japanese animation production company. Basically an anime company to which some of the characters you see in the game come from. Many of which have not been heard of by some westerners and younger gamers; but the game is still certainly worth a purchase or glance (in my opinion a purchase). Also it may also be worthwhile to go and see some of the anime the characters have come from if you feel included to.

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