Forerunner Artifact from Halo 3 trailer the Ark???

I found this floating around the Interweb today. It looks like it was part of the story board for the teaser. It also looks like the Forerunner Artifact from the H3 trailer is the Ark. I always suspected it to be Ark, as no doubt many fans did, but this seems to confirm it. Now this could also very easily be completely bogus, so don't get crazy.

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Droidbro5805d ago

...but they got a pretty good habit of kicking people off their forums for stuff like this. Who knows, maybe they'll see this and comment on it.

younghalo5804d ago

I really don't mean to be offensive, but I think it's obvious that that Forerunner object is the arc.
First of all, the picture in this story
and also, in the announcement the covenant capital ships were turning around, about to jump out of the blast radius when the arc activated the seven installations.

shotty5805d ago

It's true though. If you know the Halo story line then you know that it's the ark. Life started in Africa and Halo 3 takes place in Africa. The phrophets goto earth yada yada yada, to activate all the rings not knowing what they do (They think it's a super weapon, well it is but it kills everyone in the universe in the process so the flood have nothing to eat and therefore die). The only way to get rid of the flood is to take away their food.

younghalo5804d ago

Yes, but you see, the Halo storyline starts before the Human race. So the Forunners built the installations and the ark much further than we think the Human race began, they activated the installations and were mostly killed off (there were probably only a handful of the Forrunners left). The ones left tried to save their culture but failed, then their offspring started the Human race. That is why the ark is on Earth in the Sahara desert, Earth is the Forunner's home planet, we are the Forunners.

SjaakHaas5804d ago


Stylesheet without any links would be useless...

Dukester1015804d ago

I think i've seen this before the H3 trailer came out. I dont remember, but i think it was via a link on their site.

It does have striking resemblance to the trailer though... so who knows !?!?

DeathByNorrris5804d ago

cool, nut to vague to be taken seriously.

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